More than just easy to use

“Easy to use” is easy to claim, but most such claims are superficial (“it’s only a click away!”). Our claim is not. We focus on the smart design of complex interactions; with our tools, you can achieve what you want to accomplish in the next year, not just the next minute.

Your success is our unapologetic passion

Our teams are located together in our North American and European headquarters. That’s it! We don’t outsource any of our development or support. When you work with Absorb, you’re working with a group of colleagues dedicated to providing the best technology and best customer service.

We’re always thinking about our clients’ needs

We look at problems from distinct, fresh angles and come up with different solutions – all in support of making software that feels intuitive and natural. By understanding the root of the problem, and not simply looking to add a coat of paint, we continue to build the foundation for learning technology into the future.

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