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The year is 2002, and great looking course content alone could not create a great learning experience. Mike and Mike saw the suffering caused by lackluster Learning Management Systems, not only in learners but in administrators tasked with creating learning environments that matched the sophistication and complexity of their organizations. With respective (if not respectable) backgrounds in punk rock bass and military leadership, Mike and Mike formed a unique company based on unapologetic passion, as well as the utmost in dedication and discipline.

Blatant Media was founded in 2003 by Mike Eggermont and Mike Owens

With one initial client and soon after, one programmer, Mike and Mike, aka Blatant Media, began creating an LMS dedicated to the commonly underestimated learning needs of the forgotten masses of corporate learners. Remember – these are the years that people showed images of learners in grassy fields with smiles and laptops and the industry shouted, “learn anywhere.” The corporate world did not need people learning in fields. They needed thousands of people certified quickly and efficiently, sales channels informed, clients instructed and customers trained with minimal administrative overhead. The corporate world needed reliable infrastructure and security.

For 10 years Blatant Media maintained a division to build great courses while developing the LMS for a steadily growing base of Absorb fans. Those years saw the blossoming and death of Flash, the emergence of mobile devices and phrases like 2.0, clouds and social and gamification, HTML5 and SCORM and Tin Can and xAPI. Mike and Mike did the dirty work and sorted it all out for their valued clients.

By 2013 Absorb had hundreds of clients worldwide and course development was phased out to focus on the LMS.

In 2017 it started to make sense to rename the company to match the product, and Blatant became Absorb Software. Somewhere along the way the company had grown from 2 Mikes to 7 Mikes (and more than 100 other talented colleagues not named Mike).