Learning. Intelligently crafted.

Corporate Vision

A world where software is intelligently designed to humanize the things you need to do on a daily basis.

Our Mission

Absorb builds thoughtfully designed software that supports all learning by reflecting and anticipating our clients’ needs, including the need to do unexpected things.

Our Promise

Software intelligently crafted for you, your enterprise, and your learners.


Curated feature development

Absorb is used by pretty much every type of industry vertical you can imagine. Hospitals, government agencies, technology, manufacturing, retail, food services – you get the idea. This is because Absorb takes great care in designing well thought out features that take into consideration the many ways different types of organizations use a feature or rely on a process.

Features determined to be beneficial to the learning community as a whole are carefully analyzed, debated, rejected or rejoiced, designed, engineered, tested, documented and published.

Customer focussed roadmap

Every customer has a dedicated Customer Success Manager to discuss how Absorb can serve them best. These conversations are key to our roadmap discussions and lead to concepts that have the greatest capacity to improve the daily life of our admin and learner community as a whole.

Reporting enhancements, automated business rules, functionality refinements and the inevitable bug crushing are all part of our daily effort and all part of our agility. Regular carefully executed updates are a balance of stability and responsiveness.

Your success is our unapologetic passion

Our teams are located together in our North American and European headquarters. That’s it! We don’t outsource any of our development or support. When you work with Absorb, you’re working with a group of colleagues dedicated to providing the best technology and best customer service.

We’re always thinking about our clients’ needs

We look at problems from distinct, fresh angles and come up with different solutions – all in support of making software that feels intuitive and natural. By understanding the root of the problem, and not simply looking to add a coat of paint, we continue to build the foundation for learning technology into the future.

Our “formerly rebellious” energy makes our software great

We channel our youthful spirit into developing cutting-edge but also best-in-class systems that support business growth—and human growth.

We partner with you to understand the business rules that make your enterprise unique, and then we support you at every step. Oh, and we’re pretty fun to work with too.