9 LMS Reports You Need to Monitor Your eLearning Performance

9 LMS Reports You Need to Monitor Your eLearning Performance


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Organizations across industries are increasingly introducing robust eLearning programs for the benefit of their workforce — and ultimately their bottom line. However, organizations that provide comprehensive learning and training programs need tools and resources that help them evaluate and improve these learning opportunities moving forward.

With a powerful learning management system (LMS) in place, teams have access to LMS reporting and analytics — providing the information needed to prove the return on investment (ROI) and make informed decisions in the long run. To help you evaluate training performance, we’re taking a closer look at the top LMS reports that organizations should consider to ensure their eLearning program is both efficient and effective.

What is LMS reporting?

In the modern workplace, organizations need an LMS that provides robust data and analytics — in the form of LMS reporting — to optimize both the learning process and subsequent results.

LMS reporting refers to the system of data collection and analysis in your organization’s learning software. Reports from a learning management system are designed to help organizations monitor the training process, track the results and recognize how to make improvements moving forward. Introducing high-quality learning and training opportunities in the workplace requires both costs and effort from an organization. As such, it’s essential to guarantee there’s a balance between the output of training and the cost incurred along the way to reach these results.

The LMS reports you need to drive learning effectiveness

Utilizing LMS reporting and analytics is ultimately a key factor in improving learning outcomes. However, organizations need to keep in mind that not all LMS reports are created equal. Here are the top nine LMS reports workplaces should consider to foster more successful learning experiences and outcomes:

1.Progress and completion rates

Completion rate reports are an effective way to monitor corporate learners — including whether modules and activities have been completed or if learners are progressing as expected. This successfully identifies employees in need of supplemental resources and support as well as the top performers on the team who can serve as valuable mentors.

2. Assignment results

Assignment results are inevitably the clearest indicator of learners’ progress and performance. By conducting pre-assessments, organizations can even determine “benchmarks” beforehand — enabling them to monitor the growth of corporate learners’ knowledge or skill gaps as they complete their learning and training activities.

3. Participation and engagement

For organizations in pursuit of learning and training programs that maximize results, it’s essential to ensure team members are actively participating throughout the process. Leveraging participation and engagement LMS reports have proved an effective way to gauge this level of involvement — providing data that indicates how workplace learners are interacting with course content and how often. This leads to a deeper understanding of whether employees are invested in the process and what’s needed from your organization and team leaders to improve the learner experience and produce better results.

4. Course details and overview

With course overview LMS reports, workplaces can see a clear and comprehensive picture of completion rates, as well as how corporate learners are progressing and performing along the way. This will be essential to identify the strengths of your systems and the areas of improvement to focus on moving forward.

5. Time logs

Organizations can leverage time log LMS reports for insight into the amount of time it takes learners to complete online training modules or activities. A closer look into where team members are spending their time throughout learning activities can bring attention to which aspects of online training are causing trouble for individuals. Time logs that reveal lengthy completion rates are typically a good indicator that employees need help from their organization — in the form of motivation, resources or support in that specific area.

6. Leaderboards

If your training opportunities include gamification elements like leaderboards, then LMS reports that reveal your top learners are incredibly helpful. Team leaders can leverage this information to reward learners and keep co-workers in a healthy, competitive mindset. Utilizing gamification and leaderboards will prove vital to your learning opportunities in the long run, considering employees experience a 60% engagement increase with a gamified work experience.1

7. Online surveys, questionnaires and polls

Surveys, questionnaires and polls will serve as valuable feedback that organizations can use to gauge learner satisfaction and identify potential problem areas to focus on. Hitting your pre-determined training objectives, such as 100% course completion rates, will inevitably be useless if your team members are unhappy and disengaged throughout the experience.

8. Facilitator approval rating

Trainers and facilitators are key factors in the successful management of learning in the workplace — including influencing learner performance, ensuring courses progress according to schedule and providing learners with adequate support throughout the process. LMS trainer and facilitator approval rating reports will offer a clear indication of whether these individuals are meeting employee expectations, as well as what steps need to be taken to maximize results moving forward.

9. Course certification tracking

LMS certification tracking reports enable organizations to manage and keep track of certificate completion status and their verification. This is beneficial for organizations to keep an updated resource pool for future opportunities, as well as to ensure employees are measuring up to industry standards.

The advantages of powerful LMS reporting

Leveraging a powerful LMS solution with comprehensive reporting capabilities will prove a considerable advantage for organizations in the long run. By employing the top LMS reports, workplaces can expect to see a host of internal and external benefits including:

  • The ability to track employee progress
  • Informing HR and management on employee development
  • Assessing training engagement
  • Generating real-time reports so employers and managers can stay up-to-date at all times
  • Maximizing training efficiency with the ability to compare data with other training styles
  • Analyzing the cost-effectiveness of training
  • Proving ROI of training opportunities

Are you getting the most value from your LMS reports?

Organizations that leverage an LMS for their workplace learning opportunities likely have access to a variety of LMS reports. But, it’s essential to recognize whether you’re getting the most value from these reports.

If your organization is ready to take advantage of a powerful LMS solution that provides comprehensive reporting and analytics — Absorb LMS can help. Our LMS reporting and analytics feature is designed to empower organizations with key insights that can drive the results of their eLearning programs and opportunities in the workplace. A few features of the Absorb LMS solution include:

  • Highly configurable reports to meet your exact preferences
  • Easily share reports and insights across the organization
  • Get up and running quickly with customizable templates

Our reporting and analytics capabilities can ultimately help your organization prove ROI for your learning program, track learner progress and take on the future with valuable data at your fingertips.

Learn more about LMS reporting and analytics from Absorb LMS. Or, if you’re ready to get started, request a demo today.

1. https://www.zippia.com/advice/gamification-statistics/

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