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Carly Marie

LMS Solutions: The Right Way to Deliver Challenging & Difficult Content

Complex training topics—such as technical details or advanced strategy—call for robust LMS solutions. Plain text describing difficult information needs supporting content for the audience to fully understand it. A strategic mix of content types creates a learner experience that leads to

Leverage Your LMS to Simplify Managing Remote Employees

COVID-19 has compelled many companies to switch to 100% remote work without much training or guidance. If you're not used to managing remote employees, it can be difficult to identify and implement best practices from the get-go. You might still be learning how to keep your team connected while

How an Effective Employee Training Program Can Support Mental Health

Before the pandemic, The American Institute of Stress (AIS) reported 25% of people viewed their job as their number one stressor, and that work stress cost U.S. companies more than $300 billion each year due to lost productivity, employee turnover, accidents caused by stress and more. Now, amid new