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Catherine Lombardozzi

Catherine Lombardozzi is a career-long learning and development specialist currently dedicated to helping L&D professionals develop the strategies and skills they need to ensure impact. She is author of Learning Environments by Design (2015) and often contributes to industry conferences and journals, most often for the eLearning Guild and the Association for Talent Development. Catherine is known for making broad frameworks practical, and she maintains deep interest in modern workplace learning strategies, social learning, self-directed learning, online course design, and research-informed practice. Catherine holds a doctoral degree in Human and Organizational Learning from George Washington University.

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The Power of Purpose Driven Learning

Advancing L&D's Role in Strategic Workforce Planning

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How a Corporate LMS Streamlines Job-Specific Skill Training

Here's an all-too-familiar experience for many managers: A new employee is all set to get started, but the training program or person best suited to train isn't immediately available. It's critical that people learn job tasks accurately rather than start off just muddling through. And there's a long

An External Training Management System Helps Meet Modern Learner Needs

Savvy learning and development leaders know boosting business success often involves a strategy for training your company's external partners as well as employees. With an external training management system in place, not only can you give external learners access to needed learning resources, you

Key Elements of Leadership Training for Midlevel Managers

Rising to midlevel is an exciting promotion for leaders. Having honed supervisory skills and specialty expertise in team leadership roles, the move into midlevel management requires a more strategic approach that expands their scope of influence dramatically. To equip them for their new role,

Business eLearning: When to Use Curated Content

The use of curated content in business eLearning has been a real boon for the richness of learning resources in organizations. Many skills in today's jobs are complex and can't be completely learned in stand-alone courses. These kinds of skills develop with time and experience, while learners build

Why Your Enterprise LMS Needs a Content Audit

We all have projects we never quite get to, whether it's the closet full of worn out shoes, the cluttered basement or the "My Pictures" folder that seems to contain every photo you've ever taken. Here's one you shouldn't leave on your list for too long: Conduct an audit of your enterprise LMS

How ILT Enables & Engages External Learners

In today's global environment, organizations must collaborate with external partners, resellers and even customers to drive progress. Providing learning and development opportunities to these non-employees is key to strengthening their skills and forging personal connections that benefit everyone.

Support Purpose-Driven Learners in Challenging Times with Corporate eLearning

Purpose-driven learners are the people you want on your team—especially during unprecedented times. They see challenges as opportunities to grow. They're passionate about learning new skills or creatively solving problems. And their ambition can be contagious. But amid the COVID-19 pandemic, even

Address the Skills Transfer Gap With a Learning Development Strategy

Skills transfer gap occurs when people can't apply the skills they learned during training or practice to real life situations. It's all too common in the professional world, but the challenge can be mitigated with the proper learning development strategy. Since so many job responsibilities are

Why You Should Connect Your ILT With Your LMS

As social distancing has become the new normal, Leadership and Development professionals are turning to virtual instructor-led training (ILT) now more than ever. This adjustment is an effective alternative. In fact, both virtual and live ILT deliver a variety of benefits—especially when

Using Reverse Mentoring to Motivate All Employees

The reverse mentoring phenomenon may have started at GE more than 20 years ago, but it has garnered renewed vigor and importance in the modern age. This practice pairs a less tenured employee with an executive, most often for the purpose of teaching executives technological skills and deepening