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How Flexible is Your LMS?

You know you need a learning management system (LMS) for your organization. One that is flexible. Not only should it offer easy access to your learners, but to you and your admins as well. But where to begin? Whether searching for a replacement or exploring an LMS for the first time, you will need to select a solution that is flexible enough to be customized for your needs.

Getting Started with E-Learning in Your New LMS

Enterprise Level Learning Capabilities for Businesses of all Sizes

As the entry-level cost of LMS platforms - and the general technical complexity of LMS implementations - have both been reduced over the last decade, there are many more organizations now adopting Learning Management Systems in order to achieve business goals such as:

Mobile Learning: Apps vs. Responsive Design

"To App or not to App", seems to be the question. We receive a lot of RFP documents that list mandatory requirements such as "Do you have a Mobile App? Yes or No". Rarely is there an explanation of the use case or context provided for this requirement. In many cases, I'm not sure that the creators of these documents really know that they may be asking the wrong question entirely.

Tips for writing a great LMS RFP

As a Top 10 LMS vendor, we regularly receive RFI and RFP invitations from all kinds of organizations. Here are tips for writing a great LMS RFP when seeking a new learning platform for your organization.
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