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Pamela Hogle

Versatile writer and editor with a broad range of journalism, technical, business, academic, and marketing experience. Proficient in AP and CMS styles. Experience with non-native English speakers and writers. Explains complex technologies and concepts to anyone. Expertise in eLearning, emerging educational technologies, accessible content, and for fun, dogs and their relationships with humans!

4 Ways to Smooth LMS Implementation & Power Productivity

Planning your LMS implementation carefully trims costs and improves efficiency by allowing your team to hit the ground running.

LMS Drives Employee Career Development & Personalization

Supercharge Corporate Training Goals to Drive Success

Bridge the Women and Leadership Gap With Mentors, Training

Prevent Employee Burnout With Flexibility, Learning Culture

Prevent Workplace Harassment With This 3-Pronged Strategy

Use Customer Service Training to Prepare for Problem Solving

Ensure a Smooth Job Transfer With Planning and Preparation

Creativity in the Workplace, Part 1: Why Teach Creativity

Creativity in the workplace is a hot skill at the best of times. With COVID-19 sweeping the planet and changing the way everyone lives and works, organizations are faced with a tough task: simultaneously balancing daily operations and keeping business goals in sight.

Improve Learner Experience to Spark Continual LMS Engagement

Creativity in the Workplace, Part 2: How to Teach Creativity

Due to the new coronavirus, business as usual is decidedly unusual. News of "the curve" and the sheer enormity of the pandemic is weighing on the mind of everyone. Business leaders have been abruptly tasked with managing an all-remote workforce and halting some operations entirely.

Organizational Change Management Turns Disruption into Opportunity

How to Assemble an LMS Implementation Dream Team