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Pamela S. Hogle

How To Implement Adaptive Learning in 3 Easy Steps

Targeted training trends such as personalization and adaptive learning were already demonstrating their value in eLearning circles before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now adaptive learning is more important than ever because it can function like a personal coach—empowering remote workers even when their

Harness LMS Analytics to Improve Data-Driven Decision-Making

The value in employee training shows up in results. And to demonstrate results, you need data. Learning management system analytics are your ally here. Your LMS collects a vast amount of data on learners and their activities. The LMS also makes it easy to configure data, create and schedule a

Improve Learning Management System Courses with User Feedback

Customers love to contribute to improving products. Even better—engaging with them can deepen their loyalty. This applies to courses in your learning management system—and is true whether your learners are employees, channel partners or customers. Asking for feedback on training content is

Regardless of Training Method, Ensure Consistent Learner Experience

Today's learners like to have a choice of learning format and delivery method. Offering learning materials in text, video, microlearning and additional channels ensures that learners will engage with and retain their training. Regardless of the training method, though, your messaging must be

Always-On eLearning Helps Health Care Workers Stay Informed

Marshaling learners for training sessions can be tough, especially in places like busy hospitals with 24-hour scheduling. Yet in the fast-paced field of health care, workers at all levels need to stay informed. That's where eLearning delivered through a learning management system is a lifesaver.

Global Channel Partner Training Success Starts With the LMS

It's common for businesses of all sizes to work with channel partners around the world. Ensuring consistent messaging and training while keeping everyone up to date as product and service offerings change requires planning—and the assistance of your learning management system. The LMS can be a

Microlearning Best Practices: Track KPIs to Improve Results

Microlearning, an eLearning mainstay, is focused, mobile-friendly and engaging to learners. And it works. Its brief format, coupled with microlearning best practices like continuous and personalized training, yields results quickly. With frequent short training sessions, learning and development

Empower Employee Development: Use Your LMS to Promote Accountability

Employees who learn and grow at work are happier and less likely to leave. Busy managers can tap their learning management system to track and encourage employee learning. Leveraging LMS tools can put employees in the development driver's seat, freeing managers to focus on other initiatives.

How Learning Management System Key Features Reduce Cognitive Load

With all the stressors of today's workplace, eLearning shouldn't be one of them. Logging on to a learning management system and picking up a new skill should be an oasis in a learner's hectic day. An attractive, intuitive platform is the key to making your LMS a pleasant place to visit. Reduce

6 Brainstorming Best Practices to Boost Your Culture of Learning at Work

Innovative and creative companies surge ahead of competitors, particularly those with a strong culture of learning at work. A key element of that learning culture is an emphasis on collaboration and relationship building. Group brainstorming is a way to encourage creativity and collaboration.

Boost Your Learners' Knowledge Retention With LMS Software

No two learners are alike. Top training managers know that and meet learners where they are, catering to a range of learning preferences and levels of prior knowledge. They also offer multimodal content, providing learners a choice of training media. To maximize learning and knowledge retention,

How Work From Home Policies Can Keep Teams Connected

With offices sending workers home to reduce the spread of COVID-19, managers are quickly putting work from home policies in place to keep workers motivated, teams connected and productivity high. Consider these strategies to foster connection between workers and lessen the impact of social

3 Ways to Elevate Your Training Effectiveness

The future of work waits for no one. To keep pace with industry innovations and surpass your competition, your employees must have the skills to adapt quickly. The impact of your training shows up in employee performance—and in the bottom line. Boost training effectiveness and maximize your ROI

Learning Management System Training Keeps Tabs on Your C-Suite Compliance

Learning never stops, even when an employee reaches the C-suite. A key difference, though, is that top executives have to know their organization and industry inside and out to embrace change and be effective leaders. To continue their growth and ensure they're at the top of their game, senior

Use Your LMS to Bridge Language and Cultural Barriers in a Global Organization

Multinational companies benefit from having people on the ground in regions where their customers and key partners live and work. A global presence benefits companies in so many ways, though it raises issues of linguistic and cultural fluency that must be addressed to foster an inclusive and

4 Ways LMS Training Kindles Employee Growth & Development

Company performance reviews are complete. You've awarded bonuses to high performers and highlighted areas where all team members can improve. Now what? Recognizing effort goes a long way, but people want to work for companies that nurture their growth and development. A CareerBuilder poll found

Leader vs. Manager: Empower Managers to Leap the Gap

A successful, innovative organization needs more than solid management—it needs inspiring leadership. Blooming from a manager into a leader is an evolution that must be grounded in company values and developed through training and mentorship. Understanding the qualities of a leader vs. manager is

Tap Benefits of Microlearning to Improve Compliance Training

Whether it covers essential regulations, safety procedures or company policies, compliance training is critical. As policies rapidly change and more people are working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, efficiently delivering training and tracking compliance can be more challenging.

6 Mobile Learning Best Practices to Empower Gig Workers

The gig economy—like the rest of the world—is operating under unprecedented circumstances because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If your company is continuing to rely on gig workers, it's more important than ever to leverage mobile learning best practices to empower them during these challenging

Learning Management Builds Strong Channel Partner Relationships

Your channel partners' success fuels your organization's prosperity and cements lasting relationships. Make it easy for channel partners to quickly find accurate, succinct information on your products and services by following learning management best practices. Deliver accurate, timely information

How to Train External Partners: 5 Expert Strategies

The more your external partners know about your organization and its products and services, the stronger your partnership will be—and the more successful they will be as your representative, reseller or supplier. When considering how to train external partners, though, the challenges are clear.

How to Know When It's Time to Switch Your Learning Management System Software

Your learning management system is the heart of your company's learning and development initiatives. It's a resource that informs channel partners and customers about your products while upskilling employees to adapt during unprecedented times. To drive efficiency and results for your learning