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Pamela S. Hogle

Improve Learning Management System Courses with User Feedback

Customers love to contribute to improving products. Even better—engaging with them can deepen their loyalty. This applies to courses in your learning management system—and is true whether your learners are employees, channel partners or customers. Asking for feedback on training content is

Regardless of Training Method, Ensure Consistent Learner Experience

Today's learners like to have a choice of learning format and delivery method. Offering learning materials in text, video, microlearning and additional channels ensures that learners will engage with and retain their training. Regardless of the training method, though, your messaging must be

Always-On eLearning Helps Health Care Workers Stay Informed

Marshaling learners for training sessions can be tough, especially in places like busy hospitals with 24-hour scheduling. Yet in the fast-paced field of health care, workers at all levels need to stay informed. That's where eLearning delivered through a learning management system is a lifesaver.

Global Channel Partner Training Success Starts With the LMS

It's common for businesses of all sizes to work with channel partners around the world. Ensuring consistent messaging and training while keeping everyone up to date as product and service offerings change requires planning—and the assistance of your learning management system. The LMS can be a

Microlearning Best Practices: Track KPIs to Improve Results

Microlearning, an eLearning mainstay, is focused, mobile-friendly and engaging to learners. And it works. Its brief format, coupled with microlearning best practices like continuous and personalized training, yields results quickly. With frequent short training sessions, learning and development

Empower Employee Development: Use Your LMS to Promote Accountability

Employees who learn and grow at work are happier and less likely to leave. Busy managers can tap their learning management system to track and encourage employee learning. Leveraging LMS tools can put employees in the development driver's seat, freeing managers to focus on other initiatives.