Ease Growing Pains with a Learning Management System

Ease Growing Pains with a Learning Management System


Liz Arias


A Learning Management System can help fast-growing companies achieve their targets and scale quickly.

Being a part of a fast-growing company is undeniably exciting, but it doesn’t come without hurdles. One of the top challenges faced by many booming companies is balancing business needs with employee needs. Hiring the right talent at the right time is a great start, but only half the battle. You’ll need to ensure that they’re brought up to speed on all they’ll need to succeed in their new role. As daunting a task as this may seem, trust us, it doesn’t have to be.

A unified, centralized learning management solution is key to providing everyone on your team with access to the information and knowledge they need. Cloud-based learning management systems make training a lot more accessible – not just to employees, but also to customers, channel partners, contract workers and other third parties who are critical to the success of your high-growth business strategy.

What is a Learning Management System?

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that enables companies to deliver, document, track and report on training, learning and development programs. Learning management systems also utilize data and reporting to identify training and learning gaps, providing insight and opportunities to enhance and refresh materials. In other words, a LMS equips your team with the tools they need to succeed.

The versatility and customization of a learning management system provides value beyond the obvious. While LMS’s are generally geared towards online learning delivery, they can also be used as an internal platform to manage and share other types of content, including videos and documents. They can also be your single source of truth for tracking both in-person and online learning accomplishment for each user.

Customize learning management systems to be asynchronous, where an employee hops between tasks or content at leisure, or synchronous, steering the employee down a predetermined path.

Why You Should Invest in an LMS

Investing in a scalable, easy-to-manage learning management system is critical to a young organization’s future. A LMS allows you to:

  • Document products and services, an essential part of acquiring and keeping talented employees.
  • Minimize the creation of “silo” groups by sharing information within and across departments, flattening power hierarchies.
  • Onboard new employees, rapidly increasing their productivity.
  • Inform learners of skills they are expected to have or acquire.
  • Automate reminders for training or certifications that require renewal.
  • Offer or sell training and certifications to your customers, partners, potential employees, etc.
  • Foster a culture of learning, development, and communication to support and engage employees.

Choosing Your LMS

Adopting a learning management system will significantly ease your company’s growing pains, so it’s best not to delay the decision. A cloud LMS solution doesn’t require a hefty upfront investment in licensing, customization, or implementation. High-growth companies can utilize flexible pricing to scale learning on-demand. Pricing is typically based on the volume of users or activity the platform must support within a given timeframe. Building a foundation of learning support early, then expanding as needed, will help your team shine and keep your business growing.

If you’re in the market for a learning management system, take a look at what Absorb LMS has to offer. Try Absorb LMS on your own or request a demo to get more insight as to how the Absorb LMS can address your company’s unique needs.

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