Global Channel Partner Training Success Starts With the LMS

Global Channel Partner Training Success Starts With the LMS


Pamela S. Hogle


It's common for businesses of all sizes to work with channel partners around the world. Ensuring consistent messaging and training while keeping everyone up to date as product and service offerings change requires planning—and the assistance of your learning management system.

The LMS can be a one-stop-shop for channel partner training, hosting learning and support content for people at every stage of product production, delivery, marketing and support.

An effortless learning experience

Whether they're providing support for your products, localizing products for their own markets or both, your channel partners need the latest details on your offerings. The LMS provides a single location where all employees and channel partners can turn.

With a robust search and a rich library of product content, tutorials on new processes and multilingual employee and partner training, it's easy for channel partners to find the information they need. Your LMS can even help you target content for delivery to the right audience.

With the LMS as the central information hub, your learning and development team can easily ensure consistency and make timely updates.

A consistent message in any language

Channel partner training might be offered in several languages to support a global learner population. Your LMS can help with translation and localization, making the experience seamless for developers and learners alike, while ensuring a consistent message.

Support for non-native English speakers

A multinational company is likely to have channel partners, suppliers and customers with various levels of fluency and proficiency in English. Build a stronger connection by supporting their learning efforts.

In addition to offering channel partner training materials in multiple languages, your LMS can host libraries of third-party content, such as English as a second language (ESL) courses, as well as targeted courses that teach the specialized vocabulary of your industry.

Multimodal learning helps bridge communication barriers

Learners studying in an unfamiliar language can find captioned videos, infographics and illustrated process diagrams easier to understand than text-only learning. Differentiate your company by offering channel partner training in a variety of learning formats to further support your global audience.

Your LMS is an ally here, too, supporting multiple formats of learning content, recommending related content and making it easy for learners to find relevant training.

Supporting your partners pays off

Conducting business across time zones can be challenging. Global 24/7 customer support eases the stress of long-distance partnerships. And, if your channel partners know they can always find up-to-date information and assistance in the LMS, the distance shrinks—and the relationship strengthens. Enhance channel partner training materials with additional supports, such as reference materials and job aids, to truly set your company apart.

Clear, consistent training that's easy for global partners to access and understand shows your commitment to channel partner success and demonstrates that your organization values relationships.

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