How to Launch a Learning Management System: 5 Things to Consider

How to Launch a Learning Management System: 5 Things to Consider

Alexander Graham Bell famously said "preparation is the key to success." Those words ring true in many scenarios, especially when determining how to launch a learning management system effectively. Launching your LMS will require some legwork at the beginning of the process. However, by preparing and being thoughtful about what your organization needs, you'll be on the path to success.

Hit the ground running on launch day—while meeting the needs of your learners and administrators—by following these tips for successfully launching an LMS:

1. Evaluate your current learning culture

When preparing to launch your LMS, consider your current learning culture landscape and identify the learners you aim to serve. Are they internal employees or external groups, like customers, partners or resellers? Will they be accessing learning modules on their work computers or on the go through their mobile devices? Also, when thinking about your learners, consider why you're training them. Is it for compliance, onboarding or lifelong learning?

But don't stop there. Make sure you examine your learning culture as a whole. Are people eager to learn, but not equipped with the right tools? Do managers encourage training, but can't efficiently track who completed it? Do external learners need to discover helpful information about your company, products or services?

By considering these points with your L&D team, you can be sure to boost your culture of learning on launch day, meeting the needs of your learners when and where they need it.

2. Assess your resources

To ensure your LMS implementation goes as smoothly as possible, you should assemble an internal team or tap external resources. For example, engage an onboarding specialist who will ensure your internal administrators are trained on the LMS, helping you set learning goals while providing best practice recommendations.

Additionally, identify your LMS team lead. Determine if you need an implementation project leader, a learning specialist and a technical support leader.

If you don't have enough internal resources, or L&D leaders need to devote time to other initiatives, consider tapping external experts to do the heavy lifting during the launch process.

3. Define content objectives

If you don't have content, training is impossible! When launching your LMS, consider your content goals. For example, determine if you need to create learning modules for different learners, such as job training or compliance modules.

Also, determine how you'll design your courses. For instance, will your content be shareable? How will you incorporate your learning objectives? Above all, your content should be easily accessed and engaging.

4. Understand your LMS

Understand what your LMS offers so you can get the most out of it. Your administrators need to learn your system's features, such as eCommerce modules and reporting inside and out so you can streamline learner experience, as well as back-end tasks.

Also, learn how to integrate your customer relationship management (CRM) systems and human resources information systems (HRIS) into your LMS, along with other commonly used business applications, enabling ease of administration. You can achieve higher productivity through seamless integrations and data syncing.

5. Share the news

When you're ready to launch, don't forget to share the news. Create a communications plan, notifying your learners about your LMS. Use emails, internal company intranet systems and social media to spread the word. Instruct leaders to complete training through the LMS, then promote the experience—demonstrating buy-in from the top down. To further drum up awareness and excitement, offer demos to your learners to give them a sneak peek of your new LMS.

And, don't forget to partner with experts in the field. With an expert's help, you can understand how an LMS will improve your business.

Take the next step in understanding how to launch a learning management system. Connect with an Absorb representative to discuss more considerations.

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