Eric Foss

Eric Foss, VP Software Development

As Vice President of Software Development, Eric Foss is unwavering in his commitment to [..]

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Heba Musa

Head shot of Heba Musa, Vice President of Finance at Absorb Software

As Vice President of Finance, Heba Musa plays an essential role in managing sustainable [..]

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Jennifer Kennedy

Jen Kennedy, Vice President, Partner Program

As the Vice President, Partner Program, Jennifer Kennedy collaborates with great companies looking for [..]

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Craig Basford

Craig Basford, Senior Vice President, Product

As Senior Vice President of Product, Craig Basford works at the intersection of strategy, [..]

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Jill Adams

Jill Adams, Senior Vice President, Marketing

Combine over two decades of honed marketing skills with a passion for innovation and [..]

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Craig Smith

Craig Smith, Executive Vice President, Operations

Craig Smith serves as the Executive Vice President of Operations for Absorb, a role [..]

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