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  • Have You Considered Asking Your Learners Whether They Need to Take the Course?

    Learning administrators can at times suffer from a certain smugness. Although it’s unlikely that they have met the vast majority of the learners in their learning management system (LMS), these administrators are confident that they know—with absolute certainty—what learners need. These admins will enthusiastically click away, enrolling learners into courses and curricula. In the minds […]

  • How to Reduce Your Course Development Costs By 90+ Per Cent

    Learners today are presented with a wealth of choices and opportunities for learning. They can turn to Blogs, wikis, social networks, video sites, etc. to find learning content. The problem, though, is that it can be difficult to find high quality, informative learning content among a massive sea of choices. How much stuff is out […]

  • Selecting An Easy To Customize LMS Just Makes Sense

    Choosing the right learning management system that will best serve the needs of your organization and users can be a daunting task. It is inevitable that your training and learning requirements with constantly evolve, so selecting a solution that can be easily customized to suit your needs is a no-brainer. Customization gives you the ability […]

  • The Importance of the Learner Interface

    More than just a pretty face… Our company motto is, “Make software that feels right”. A simple and somewhat vague message perhaps, but it has served us well, based on the feedback we consistently get from clients, potential clients, and industry pundits. The visionaries who guide the evolution of Absorb, founding partners Mike Eggermont and […]

  • Weight Control Strategies for Learning and Development

    A friend of mine, an Oxford-educated mathematician, had a smart strategy to succeed in university. When two or more of her professors scheduled exams for the same week, she would immediately ask the instructors to clarify to what extent these exams would influence the final class grade. If the exam in one class was worth, […]

  • A First Look at Absorb LMS Version 5

    After more than a year and a half in development, Absorb LMS version 5 was launched this week. This release contains more than 400 new features and enhancements. Highlights include: A responsive, HTML 5, multilingual admin control panel that works on iPads and other tablets The addition of competency management features capable of issuing badges […]

  • Borrow this University Business Model to Sell Certification Programs

    You, dear reader, can obtain an education from the most prestigious universities in the world, all for free. It makes no difference whether you received straight `A’s in high school or whether you spent your high school years sitting in your friend’s basement learning to play the opening to Stairway to Heaven on a Gibson Flying […]

  • Absorb LMS Featured in Capterra’s List of 10 Best Reviewed LMS

    Capterra is an advisory services firm that helps organizations find the right software. This company provides buying advice across a range of technologies including: Applicant Tracking Church Construction Contract Management Field Service Help Desk Learning Management Systems Maintenance Medical Practice Membership Management Performance Appraisal Project Management We’re thrilled to be included in Capterra’s list of Top […]

  • Identify Your LMS Requirements Easily Using this Powerful Visualization Tool

    I’ve ranted repeatedly (here, here, and here) about the horribly-designed Request for Proposals (RFPs) that cross my desk. Invariably, these so-called learning management system selection tools suffer from one or more of the following design flaws: They ask vendors to provide information they won’t ever disclose and/or is not relevant to the acquisition of a […]

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