Transforming Search: Unlocking the Potential of AI With Absorb LMS

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Experience the future of search

Finding a specific course you need on a cluttered search results page can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. Traditional LMS search engines may not always provide relevant search results, resulting in a lack of engagement and decreased productivity for learners. However, with the AI-powered search function of Absorb LMS, you can easily locate the course you are looking for in no time. This intelligent search feature provides greater accuracy and efficiency, making your search experience faster and more effective.

In this blog, you’ll discover how our search function leverages machine learning algorithms to meticulously give you the most relevant results on top, always.

Prioritizing relevance: Filtering through the clutter

Absorb LMS’ search function is powered by AWS OpenSearch, a distributed, community-driven, Apache 2.0-licensed, 100% open-source search and analytics suite. This AI-enabled search solution assigns different weightage to keywords in various fields of training courses, like titles, descriptions, tags, attachments, FAQs, news articles, and even polls. This means that the same keyword can carry different weightage in different fields, thereby accurately influencing the search results in your favor. 

For example, if you're searching for a course on ‘Tax Compliance Training,’ the keywords ‘tax’, ‘compliance’, and ‘training’ in the title will carry more weight than in the description. Further, the weightage assigned to these keywords in the description will be more than attachments, tags, or FAQs. 

To optimize search results based on user behavior, Absorb LMS leverages a modern 'LearnToRank' machine learning algorithm that analyzes data from its Search Analytics Report. The insights gathered from this report allow the model to accurately assign weightage to different keywords, effectively distinguishing relevant from irrelevant search results. This ensures that courses with the highest weightage appear on top.

That’s not all. The machine-learning capabilities of this search function keep improving and personalizing the search experience based on user preferences. This is achieved through a string of incredible features:

  • Tracking user interactions: By observing and remembering user behavior - what they clicked on and what they skipped, the search function refines its results in future queries
  • Understanding result rankings: The ability to understand the ranking of clicked results allows it to prioritize the most relevant results for users
  • Analyzing search terms: Analyzing the search keywords used in the query enables the system to better learn user intent and deliver even more precise results in the future
  • Recording date and time: The search function considers the search time and date to fine-tune results for a specific period, thus improving the overall accuracy

Enhancing search experience

Apart from refining and personalizing the search experience a great deal, some more remarkable features of Absorb LMS include:

  • Partial word search: Tokenizes search terms into two – 20 letter substrings. For instance, typing 'On' will present a range of options like Onboarding, online trading courses, on-site training, etc., and searching for 'tech' will automatically include 'technology'. Additionally, we’ve enhanced from a three- to two-character search so users can look up acronyms such as ‘5G’.
  • Search suggestions: Provides suggestions in case of misspellings. If you type 'Auditr', the system will confirm if you meant 'Auditor'.
  • Ignores Stop Words: Words such as 'a', 'an', and 'the' etc., are ignored and do not influence the search results.

The search ends here

Absorb’s cutting-edge search features eliminate the frustration of sifting through irrelevant search results. Thanks to Absorb’s advanced technology, users can receive personalized and relevant search results that allow you to concentrate on your main task of designing engaging courses. You can trust Absorb LMS to handle the tedious task of filtering through irrelevant information and presenting you with only the most valuable content.

With the power of AI at your fingertips, rest assured that your workplace learners are getting the most out of your LMS. Learn more about Absorb Intelligence or request a demo today.


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