July 21, 2021

Boomi Uses Absorb Infuse to Build Its Specialized Workforce

lms case study
  • Client: Boomi
  • Industry: Technology
  • Use Case: Extended Enterprise Training
  • Solution: Absorb Infuse

Meet the Client

Boomi is an integrated platform as a service (iPaaS) pioneer refining data into fuel for over 15,000 global customers. Its proprietary product, the Boomi AtomSphere, is a low-code application and data integration platform empowering organizations to be more intelligent, agile, secure and efficient.

Case Study Overview

With Boomi having built a reputation on the intelligent use of business data, the team was unwavering in its commitment to leveraging data to drive all aspects of the learner experience. In addition to its personalized learning paths, Boomi uses gamification to motivate learners to engage with content to earn mission-specific badges as they progress towards certification.

Pain Points

Understanding the vital role product education would play in the company's growth, the Boomi team set out to develop the Boomiverse—an experience-driven training and certification hub designed to increase engagement and drive certifications.

Absorb Infuse essentially gave us a blank canvas to work with. Our only limitation was our imaginations—and we have very active imaginations.

Christine Jefferson


Results Worth Sharing

With clear goals set around accelerating business outcomes for customers by improving training engagement and efficiency, one of the ways the Boomi team measures success is by comparing historical and new learner data. Because Absorb Infuse offers access to the same learner data as Absorb LMS, tracking and reporting progress is straightforward.

Implementing Absorb Infuse elevated training beyond the look and feel of a traditional LMS without sacrificing any benefits. Learner session duration increased by 284% in the first year, with at least one popular learning track taking 50% less time to complete. Factor in the 29% month-over-month increase in certification rate and it's clear that Boomi made the right choice. Read the case study for the full story.


Read the Case Study