An LMS interface you'll be proud to have your name on

The award-winning Absorb LMS user interface can be designed to effectively project your brand by respecting your style guidelines. You can even modify the language of all the prompts learners will see to reflect your organizational culture or regional dialect. So, if you’d like Absorb to say, “You’re Awesome!” instead of “Congratulations,” you can do that.

Create different experiences for different audiences

With Absorb LMS, you aren’t limited to a single user interface for all of your learners. Different learner groups can work in uniquely designed interfaces. The interface that a learner sees can be determined by location, the group or department of the learner, and many more options. This means you can train your employees with one interface and have another interface for your customers.

Branding your LMS means more than a logo

You’ll love how Absorb LMS looks, but it’ll look even better once it’s branded to match your company’s look and feel. We know how important it is to put your best foot forward, especially if you’re using your LMS to train customers and partners.

Working with your team, we help deliver your corporate identity throughout the learning experience. Absorb LMS is designed to allow every client to deploy their unique branding needs using:

  • Corporate Logo
  • Images and icons
  • Wordmarks
  • Colors
  • Terminology
  • And more

“Very impressed with Absorb LMS. The most progressive and intuitive platform I have seen to date. No other LMS allows you to brand the interface to such detail and the user experience is highly usable and intuitive. Great execution of thoughtful design.”

–Jack Makhlouf, eLearning Director
eLearning Mind

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