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Absorb Amplify – Focused Learning Experiences For The Modern Workforce

Simplify your employee training with a turn-key content library filled with smartly-curated courses. Fuel learner engagement and secure knowledge retention with expert-designed, video-based microlearning courses with Absorb Amplify.

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Absorb Amplify Courses

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Absorb Amplify features courses to satisfy your essential internal training needs and is designed for today's modern workplace. Content will emphasize relevant topics focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion, support wellness, and mental health, all built with the increasingly remote workforce in mind.

The majority of Absorb Amplify courses are delivered through microlearning formats. This means that your learners can train at their own pace in the flow of work, and their course completion rate will increase. Bite-sized content will also improve their learning retention and memory recall.

Key Features of Absorb Amplify

Get Ahead

Bring relevant content right into the flow of work so your talent can build the skills they need.

Engage Learners

Focused topics pertinent to modern employee concerns and needs.

Drive Efficiency

Off-the-shelf training courses let you focus on your talent instead of time-consuming content creation.

Unlock Learning

Increase knowledge retention for business impact.

Empower Employees

Relevant training where and when the learner needs it.

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