Your LMS, your way

We’ve built Absorb LMS to flex and shape to your training requirements. With clients across dozens of industries with hundreds of unique use cases, it’s easy for us to see that one-size does not fit all. Whether you’re a growing SaaS company looking to train your new employees, or a hard goods manufacturer looking to train end users on maintaining your product, or a professional institution looking to maintain member certifications, or one the hundreds of other use cases we’ve seen, Absorb LMS can work for you.

Simple or Complex

Absorb’s flexible department structure and portal license models make it easy to accommodate a simple hierarchy or a sophisticated multi-tenant structure under your control.

Communicate in your language and in their language

We know that your brand goes beyond the colors and a logo. That’s why we let you customize how you communicate with your learners. Do you call your “Courses” something different, like “Labs?” No problem, we can adapt. Toss in the fact that the Absorb LMS learner interface is available in 25 languages and you can communicate with a global learner-base, on-brand.

Automation through organization

One of the biggest benefits you’ll see using Absorb LMS is when it comes to automating the repetitive tasks Administrators face day in and day out. Our flexible methods for organizing Users into the groups you need them in, paired with automatic enrollments means you can keep your learners on track for months at a time without clicking a button.

“… we settled on Absorb after a broad and detailed search with formal criteria. We eliminated the big guys for their cost and lack of flexibility, and the little guys did not have the features or maturity we needed. Absorb has the right set of capabilities that met all of our criteria including scalability, administration ease and flexibility, reporting capability, and excellent user experience.”

–Fred Pinkett, VP Product Management
Sercurity Innovation, Inc.

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