An LMS interface you'll be proud to have your name on

The award-winning Absorb LMS user interface can be designed to effectively project your brand by respecting your style guidelines. The learner interface in Absorb LMS offers the flexibility to be configured to reflect your organization’s brand and emphasize your training and communications priorities. The widget-based learner dashboard allows our designers to put together the perfect look for your training portal.


Branding your LMS means more than a logo

You’ll love how Absorb LMS looks, but it’ll look even better once it’s customized to match your company’s look and feel. We know how important it is to put your best foot forward, especially if you’re using your LMS to train customers and partners.

Working with your team, we help deliver your corporate identity throughout the learning experience. Absorb LMS is designed to allow every client to deploy their unique branding needs through your logo, images and icons, wordmarks, corporate colors, custom terminology, and more.

Want even more Branding options?

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Very impressed with Absorb LMS. The most progressive and intuitive platform I have seen to date. No other LMS allows you to brand the interface to such detail and the user experience is highly usable and intuitive. Great execution of thoughtful design.

Jack Makhlouf, eLearning DirectoreLearning Mind

Get your learners training faster

We designed the Absorb learner dashboard and course modules in a way that allows your users to simply and intuitively login and start training. Learners won’t need a training course on how to take their training course.

47,000 users complete 27,000 courses every day in Absorb LMS

Since we deployed our training, with learners from all over the world, we have found that our users have found it easier to use the tool as well.

Gita Varagoor, Associate, Competitive IntelligenceOptimal Strategix Group

Communicate in your language and in their language

We know that your brand goes beyond the colors and a logo. That’s why we let you customize how you communicate with your learners. Do you call your “Courses” something different, like “Labs?” No problem, we can adapt. You have control over more than 1500 terms, phrases and messaging templates. Toss in the fact that the Absorb LMS learner interface is available in 25 languages and you can communicate with a global learner-base, on-brand.

Celebrate learner achievements with badges


Create different experiences for different audiences

With Absorb LMS, you aren’t limited to a single user interface for all of your learners. Different learner groups can work in uniquely designed interfaces. The interface that a learner sees can be determined by location, the group or department of the learner, and many more options. This means you can train your employees with one interface and have another interface for your customers.

We've seen our clients use this feature to differentiate the learning experiences for:

  • Employees vs. Channel Partners
  • Different Internal Departments
  • A Key Customer vs. Your Other Customers
  • Various Global Offices



A full learner experience on every device

Desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, all deliver the same branded and intuitive experience to your learners. The responsively designed interface means that learners can easily start and resume their training from multiple devices without having to work through a unique interface for each device.

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