Learning for all screens. Absorb from mobile to the boardroom.

Mobile ready? Check. We were one of the first to launch a fully responsive LMS optimized for your phones and tablets. Now, we've gone bigger. The Absorb LMS learner interface will now take advantage of all that beautiful real estate on your 27" desktop or your HD boardroom TV.

ILC browsing. A more refined enrollment experience.

Virtual or in-person, ILCs are foundational to your learning experience. Absorb LMS gives your learners the ability to browse in a view most conducive to the content, quickly search for a specific session, or easily refine results to narrow in on the right ILC for them.

Leaderboards. Engaged learners, from top to bottom.

Nothing encourages action like a little bit of friendly competition. The Absorb LMS leaderboards give your learners a chance to compete with their peers as they advance through their courses and curricula. Drive results with this simple to implement engagement carrot.

Social learning. A 5-star collaborative environment.

Your learners become your strongest asset and advocates in the right social learning environment. Absorb LMS allows learners to communicate and collaborate with each other in a threaded commenting section and then rate the courses they've taken. Take advantage of a learners momentum by providing tailored recommendations of what courses to take next.

Public dashboard. Show more, do more.

The new Public Dashboard gives your LMS the powers of a CMS. Before your learners are required to login, you can offer up the content that makes sense to your business. Customize your experience to showcase your FAQs, News Articles, Featured Courses, Video Billboards, and more.

Selling courses? Use your Public Dashboard as your storefront.

Different audiences with multiple login requirements (SSO and credentials)? Your Public Dashboard can easily direct all your learners to the proper login.

Searching. Found.

The powerful search functionality built into the New Learner Experience gives your learners quick intuitive access to search and find the courses they're looking for. Using a simple keyword search or utilizing the refined search options, learners can explore courses on their own terms as they seek out their next course.

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