Select Implementation

Select Implementation of the Absorb LMS is set forth in this Project Plan.


Period of Services

The work authorized in this Project Plan will occur within 140 Days (16 weeks Implementation + 4 Weeks Monitoring) of the first scheduled kick off call. This includes the delivery, implementation, training and acceptance of all deliverables and services necessary to implement Absorb LMS.


Services & Deliverables

Absorb will provide the following Services & Deliverables within the Period of Services:




Portal Creation (Production)

Absorb will establish a dedicated production portal for Client.

Portal Creation (Sandbox)

Absorb will establish a test portal for Client subject to the following conditions:

  • Add-on services including the import, export, or integration of data will be tested on a sandbox environment.
  • Clients with the Elite or Enterprise support packages will retain their sandbox portal as a persistent general test environment after implementation.

Kick Off

Implementation Kick Off call (review project timeline, configuration options, project roles, and project logistics).

Dedicated Implementation Project Manager

Project management services for 20 Weeks. The project management services include development of an implementation project plan, weekly Project Update Meetings, Monthly Executive Updates and providing & reviewing an Implementation Checklist.

Initial Portal Branding (8 Hours)

Initial branding services include incorporating Client corporate trademarks, logos, and colors into the landing page, dashboard, and certificates. Initial branding services include up to eight (8) hours of design, including changes and approval, and up to two (2) custom certificates (unless otherwise specified in Client’s support package). 

Additional branding requests, and any changes requested by Client after initial branding approval will require additional Professional Service hours, to be mutually agreed to in writing at the time additional services are requested by Client.

Configuration Support
(10 Hours)

Production application configuration assistance delivered virtually, totaling ten (10) hours over 5-10 sessions. The objective of the configuration sessions is to work side by side with the Absorb Implementation Project Manager in modeling workflows and setting up the Client’s production portal. Sessions will cover core functionality such as Portal Settings, Departments, Users, and Courses with the full list of items covered being determined based on the Client's business requirements. Sessions may also cover basic learner and workflow testing to validate configuration. 

Absorb does not provide full scale configuration service, Client is responsible for completing configuration, loading content, and full user acceptance testing prior to launching.

(20 hours)

Up to Twenty (20) hours of dedicated administrator training delivered virtually. Including three (3) hours of post-launch training & support via pre-scheduled virtual sessions. Unlimited use of Absorb Academy videos and self-help material on the Absorb helpdesk site.


Should your organization choose to purchase any additional services or add-ons, as set forth on any applicable Order Form(s), they are described at


Included Add On Services

The below add on services are included with the Enterprise Implementation Package. Full descriptions can be found here:

  • Historical Data Import (Additional 10 hours for a total of 20 hours)
  • Content Migration (Additional 2500 files for a total of 5000 files)
  • Scheduled Data Import
  • RESTful API (Additional 7 hours for a total of 10 hours)
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Scheduled Data Export



The project will include the following milestones on the following typical schedule:



Kick Off

Within 5 Days

Portal Creation

Week 1

SSO, Custom URL Configuration Complete (if applicable)

Week 4-6

Modeling Acceptance

Week 5

Portal Branding Complete

Week 7

User Acceptance Testing Complete

Week 11-14

Pilot (optional)

Week 14

Implementation Checklist Approval

Week 15

Ready to Launch

Week 15

Deploy data migrations/integrations to Production (if applicable)

Week 16+


Client Responsibilities

  • The Client must provide the necessary project information, assist in scheduling and participating in necessary information gathering sessions, and otherwise act in good faith to complete the project in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • The Client is responsible for providing and maintaining course content in formats supported by the Absorb LMS, except where otherwise provided through content subscriptions and/or course development services through Absorb.
  • The Client must make resources available for Project Administration, Portal Configuration, Training, User Acceptance Testing, and ongoing System & Program Administration for their e-Learning program.
  • The client must make technical resources available to assist in configuration of any Add On Services (e.g. Single Sign-On) as well as any client-side machines, devices, or network setup required to allow access to the LMS (e.g. firewall settings). 
  • Respond to requests for feedback or review in a timely manner.


Project Completion

Project will be considered complete upon completion of the Services & Deliverables set forth herein. Absorb reserves the right to deem the Project completed in its sole reasonable discretion when Services or Deliverables could not be completed within the Period of Service despite Absorb’s best efforts.