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Uncover Meaningful Training Insights With Absorb LMS And Snowflake

Absorb Analyze Direct is the next evolution of the Absorb LMS reporting. Powered by Snowflake, this advanced data cloud solution connects your data visualization tool with your Absorb LMS data. With your data securely housed, you'll be enable to make data-driven decisions, improve learner engagement strategies, training data exploration, to tell your organization's learning and development story.

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Create, Measure, and Evaluate with Data-Driven Insights with Absorb Analyze Direct

Your business is unique, and so are your reporting needs. Absorb Analyze Direct makes evaluating, measuring, and inspecting your Absorb Learning and Development data more accessible than ever.

Using Snowflake's turnkey data cloud, you can now connect your Absorb LMS data with your organization's Business Intelligence tools. Unlock new insights from your granular LMS data, and increase internal collaboration across your organization's Learning and Development Initiatives.

It's the best LMS business intelligence tool to:

  • Gets more value from your LMS by granting access to relevant data sets
  • Measure the impact of your training programs
  • Identify trends and effectiveness of your training programs
  • Improve the flexibility of data analysis
  • Enable scalability
  • Remove data silos
  • And so much more

Key Features of Absorb Analyze Direct

Easily Access Live Data

Easily Access Live Data

With Snowflake's intuitive program, you'll gain instant, and maintenance-free access for your internal data analysts to develop the most relevant insights for your organization.

Secure Data Sharing

Secure Data Sharing

With Absorb Analyze Direct, you'll have ultimate control over your data. Keep your data secure while providing governed access to authorized users with Continuous Data Protection (CDP).

Simplify Your Business Intelligence Tool Stack

Simplify Your Business Intelligence Tool Stack

Remove the dependency of learning to use another data visualization tool, instead use the produce you have already invested in, and trained your employees on.

Unify Siloed Data

Unify Siloed Data

Close analytic gaps across your organization, connecting Learning and Development outcomes with other departmental data.

FAQs about Absorb Analyze Direct

My organization already uses Snowflake, does this change anything for Analyze Direct?

Clients can choose to use Analyze Direct to leverage Absorb's Snowflake instance or clients can choose to use their Snowflake instance where Absorb will share views of their data.

What security options are available with Analyze Direct?

Several security methods can be configured for Analyze Direct, including OAuth, SAML2, and Network Policies.

How can I start leveraging Absorb Analyze Direct?

Users can now add the integrated reporting option of Absorb Analyze Direct to their Learning Management Systems. Talk to an Absorb representative to add Absorb Analyze Direct to your LMS and start exploring your training data.

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