The Return on Intelligence podcast is back with a new host, CEO of SIY Global, Rich Fernandez. In season 2 we tackle solutions for learning and development team challenges, while also exploring strategies to equip your employees and yourself for the future of work through emotional and artificial intelligence. From facilitating learning in the workplace to mastering consumer training best practices, our episodes have valuable L&D tips and strategies.

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S2 Ep3: Unpacking the Ethics and Quelling Fears of AI with Nikki Mirgahfori

Rich Fernandez hosts Dr. Nikki Mirghafori, an artificial intelligence scientist and an internationally recognized Buddhist teacher, in episode three. Dr. Mighafori talks about her professional journey and shares insights into and dispels myths about the many forms of AI, as well as ways to constructively incorporate it into our lives. The pair also have a discussion on how to incorporate Buddhist teachings of mindfulness into leadership practices.

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S2 Ep2: Implementing Peer-to-Peer Learning Networks with Sarah Deveraux

Join Rich Fernandez as he chats with Sarah Deveraux, a friend and former Google colleague. Devereaux describes how she helped launch the successful Googler-to-Googler program. They discuss the challenges and solutions to implementing the peer-to-peer learning network at Google. Deveraux then shares her experiences from her career in leadership training including insights on the loneliness and exhaustion that many leaders experience and how to support development at the executive level. We also learn about her current role developing female leaders as a founding partner, leadership coach and workshop facilitator at the White Pine Leadership Collective. We hope you enjoy this episode and subscribe to hear more chats every Tuesday.

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S2 Ep1: Will Human-Centric AI Takeover Jobs or Solve Traffic Jams? With Bill Duane

Rich Fernandez, CEO of SIY Global takes over as host of the ROI podcast for season 2. In his inaugural ROI conversation, Rich talks with Bill Duane a former peer from Google development about upskilling for the world of artificial intelligence. It’s a conversation that explores how humans learn logically and emotionally, with tips for learning and developing professionals to apply in their programs.

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S1 Ep8: The Future of AI in Learning and Development with Craig Basford

Watch as we explore how AI is rapidly transforming the future of business and the L&D landscape with Craig Basford from Absorb LMS. He shares his experiences and thoughts on the promising opportunities of AI—and the critical need for careful implementation, considering both risks and legal implications.

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S1 Ep7: Tapping into the Power of Learning and Development to Develop Top Talent

Watch as we explore how to best develop future leaders at both a personal and organizational level. Britni Warner from Sony Electronics shares her experiences and thoughts on enhancing employee and organizational growth with the help of an LMS.

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S1 Ep6: Scaling Learning Globally with Valeria Pasca

Scaling a learning program internationally comes with it's own set of unique challenges and opportunities. As Valeria Pasca grew in her role so did the company she worked for– Juice Plus. As the Senior Manager of Global Learning, Valeria was on the front lines of personalizing and localizing JuicePlus' learning content for the diverse individuals they were working with across the globe. In this episode Al and Valeria double-click on what it means to deploy empathy at scale while meeting the goals of a growing business.

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S1 Ep5: Sales Enablement in a Learning And Development Culture with Hamish Knox

What does a culture of sales enablement look like? Are your training tactics effective? How can your LMS enable all of this? In this episode, sales training leader Hamish Knox answers all these questions and more. Listen in as Al and Hamish dive deep into what it takes to build a strong learning culture for modern day sales people.

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S1 Ep4: The Post Pandemic Rebound with Matt Pittman

The post-pandemic world has forced businesses to innovate faster, and learning is no different. In this episode of Return on Intelligence, Matt Pittman, Principal Analyst at the Brandon Hall Group, walks us through the new pace of play that learners expect and how you as a learning leader can adapt to their needs.

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S1 Ep3: The Power of Empathy in a Learning and Development Culture with Joshua Remerowski

Watch as we explore the role of empathy in corporate learning along with the value of motivating learners through knowledge. Joshua Remerowski, Senior Director of Learning & Leadership Experience at Fortive, explains the importance of shifting your mindset as a leader to meet learners where they’re at and develop talent.

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S1 Ep2: Evaluating the Success of Retail Learning with Brian Paige and Cathy Campbell

Discover the impact of skills demonstration and manager engagement on the success of The Aaron’s Company’s learning and development program. In this episode, Brian Paige, Director of Learning and Development, and Cathy Campbell, Senior Learning and Development Analyst, discuss the evolution and strategy behind their learning program. 

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S1 Ep1: Maximizing the Impact of Learning and Development with Devin Hastie

Join us as we explore the challenges and triumphs of delivering people-centered learning at scale. Our host Al Kinnear will interview influential leaders to uncover the real stories of successful organizations and discover how they’ve leveraged learning to unlock potential and drive results.

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