Introducing Absorb 5, The Revolutionary Learning Management System.
Absorb 5
The Revolutionary Learning Management System
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Competency Management
Absorb 5
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Integrated E-Commerce with Tax Rate Management
Absorb 5
with Tax Rate
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E-learning and mobile learning on your desktop, tablet or phone.
E-learning &
Mobile Learning
On Your desktop
tablet or phone
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Self-paced, virtual, instructor-led and classroom-based learning.
Self-paced, Virtual
and Classroom-based
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Powerful and flexible learning management system.
and flexible
Learning Management System
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Key Features:
The NEXT LEVEL in Learning Management Systems
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PC, iPad & iPhone
Designed for every device and screen size with HTML5
AICC, SCORM and Tin Can
Supports industry standards
Mercury Module
Absorb LMS Mercury Module
Absorb LMS Mercury supplements a powerful LMS with additional modules designed to engage your audience with further content.
Video & Slideshow Billboard
News Feed
Twitter Tile
Quick Polls
Contests & Sweepstakes
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Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer
Cross Browser Support
HTML5 video players (MP4, OGG and WEBM formats)
Built-in Video Support
Our clients are our greatest asset
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Richard Nantel and Dan Medakovich will keep you up to date with industry news, trends and everything you need to know about absorb LMS.
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We're not afraid to let you
look under the hood.
Designed for humans
The intuitive design pays attention to how people work. As a result, they move through their online training easily, focusing on the course material instead of trying to figure out the software.
Is that an LMS in your pocket?
The Absorb LMS learner interface has been completely redesigned to make learning accessible on nearly any browsing device, whether it sits on your desk or in your pocket.
Absorb LMS supports 24 languages and can distribute courses and content by region - that means we can be a great part of your localization strategy.
Data integration, SSO & API
Don’t spend time logging into multiple systems or creating duplicate accounts. Absorb LMS can be integrated with your Talent Management System, HRIS or Intranet with real time or nightly data exchanges and single sign on support.
We bring home the hardware! Awarded 2013 Gold Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology
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