Absorb Engage: 5 Key Features to Boost Learner Engagement

Absorb Engage: 5 Key Features to Boost Learner Engagement


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In the bustling world of online learning, creating compelling training programs for customers, employees, and partners has become somewhat of a holy grail. Hours of meticulous planning, designing, and execution go into these courses, all with the hope that learners will eagerly dive in, absorb the material, and emerge better equipped. Yet, more often than not, these brilliantly crafted programs face one daunting challenge: learner engagement.

It's a scenario that’s all too familiar. Great work goes unnoticed, completion rates stagnate, and the initial enthusiasm fizzles out, leaving organizations wondering where they missed the mark.

This conundrum isn't just frustrating; it's costly.

Low engagement means lower training completion rates, diminishing the potential return on investment like employee satisfaction, and reduced attrition or enhanced customer education experiences leading to increased product usage and satisfaction.

That's exactly where Absorb LMS steps in with Absorb Engage. Think of it as your toolkit for making learning stick. It's packed with features that encourage your learners to not just watch and listen but to interact, collaborate, and even compete in a friendly way. With Absorb Engage, we're moving beyond just delivering content to creating a learning journey that your audience will want to be a part of.

1. Capture your learner’s attention at first sight with Engage Billboards

We all know the first impression is often the most lasting. Engage Billboards use this principle to the fullest by being the first point of interaction for learners. They highlight critical announcements, new trainings, and course resources, effectively guiding learner focus from the moment they log in. This strategic positioning not only boosts visibility for important messages but also sets the tone for the learning experience ahead.

Interestingly, Engage Billboards are our top pick among all Engage features, really showing their knack for grabbing attention and getting those key messages across. Their popularity highlights just how essential they've become in making sure learners see what's most important, right from the get-go.

Pro-tip: Use the four pre-built Billboards as a starting point, then tailor them to your needs or create new ones to highlight monthly themes or achievements. Incorporate both static images and videos to keep the content dynamic and engaging.

2. Share the latest trends and information with Engage News Articles

Knowledge is power. And Engage News Articles empower learners by bringing role-specific, detailed information directly to their dashboard. This feature not only enriches the learning experience but fosters a sense of community and ongoing engagement beyond the course material.

Pro-tip: Regularly update your news articles to keep content fresh and relevant. Tailor articles to specific audience segments to ensure the information is pertinent and engaging, so it increases the likelihood of learners checking in frequently for updates.

3. Build community with Engage Collaboration Rooms

Learning is inherently social. Engage Collaboration Rooms offer a space for informal learning, discussions, and knowledge sharing. By integrating with Microsoft Teams, these rooms make it easier for learners to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other, enhancing the overall learning experience and community feeling.

Pro-tip: Use Collaboration Rooms to encourage discussions on topics relevant to your learners' interests or needs. Highlight successful collaborations or insightful discussions in your newsletters or billboards to showcase the value of peer learning.

4. Motivate your learners with Engage Leaderboards

A little competition can go a long way. Engage Leaderboards inspire learners to engage more deeply with the material, fostering a friendly competitive environment that drives course completion and mastery of the subject matter.

Pro-tip: Level up your leaderboards by breaking down points into easy grabs like 25, 50, 75, and 100, and then throw in some cool rewards for your top scorers. Think company swag or exclusive learning opportunities. Don't forget to give a shoutout to your winners to keep everyone pumped!

Take a page from our playbook: At our Absorb Virtual Summit, using Absorb LMS (we love to use our own stuff), we turned courses into fun "challenges," complete with points for every review left, survey taken, or social media interaction. Not only did this make the learning experience for attendees more fun, but it also gave us loads of valuable insights.

This approach turns learning into a game where everyone wins, your learners stay engaged and your team gets the completions they need. It's all about creating that engaging, dynamic environment that benefits everyone involved.

5. Empower your learners’ voices with Engage Polls

Feedback is crucial, and Engage Polls offer a direct line to your learners' thoughts and preferences. By enabling instant feedback on a variety of topics, polls not only keep learners engaged but also provide valuable insights that can guide future training developments. By understanding learner preferences and needs, your organization can make informed decisions about future training developments, ensuring that the learning content remains relevant, engaging, and aligned with learner expectations.

Pro-tip: Use polls for more than just feedback, use them to involve learners in the decision-making process about future courses or rewards too. This inclusion can significantly boost interest and investment in the learning journey.

The key to engagement

By integrating these five key features of Absorb Engage into your LMS, you can transform the educational landscape from a one-way flow of information into a dynamic, interactive community. This not only enhances learner engagement and satisfaction but also significantly improves training outcomes and ROI, making it a win-win for both learners and organizations.

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