• Getting Started with E-Learning in Your New LMS

    Enterprise Level Learning Capabilities for Businesses of all Sizes As the entry-level cost of LMS platforms – and the general technical complexity of LMS implementations – have both been reduced over the last decade, there are many more organizations now adopting Learning Management Systems in order to achieve business goals such as: Increasing the reach of […]

  • How Flexible is Your LMS at User Management?

    One of the most import questions you will face when deploying an LMS is, “how do I organize my users?” The decisions you make here will impact things like Reporting and Admin Rights, as well as Content Management, Branding, and Enrollment Rules for learners. If you plan to create your user accounts via a feed […]

  • 4 LMS Features That Were Hot and Now Are Not

    Make sure your team is buying an LMS for the year you’re in. Apart from a two-year stint selling tropical fish at a local pet shop when I was 16, my entire career has been in learning technology. Fresh out of university, I worked as a content developer and designed and authored hundreds of hours […]

  • What You Can Expect When Asking a Vendor for Client References

    It’s pretty common for prospective clients to ask software vendors for references prior to signing a contract. A 15-minute phone call with two or three organizations who have used the system extensively and sampled the vendor’s services can help mitigate the risk – and reduce the anxiety – related to acquiring a new system. If […]

  • Mobile Learning: Apps vs. Responsive design?

    “To App or not to App”, seems to be the question. We receive a lot of RFP documents that list mandatory requirements such as “Do you have a Mobile App? Yes or No”. Rarely is there an explanation of the use case or context provided for this requirement. In many cases, I’m not sure that […]

  • What Buying a Bicycle Would Look Like if We Applied a Typical LMS Selection Strategy

    When making any significant purchase it’s normal to go through a thoughtful consideration of your options. For example, there’s more to choosing the bicycle that’s right for you than having two wheels that spin. To begin with, the cost of purchasing a bicycle can range from a few dollars for a second-hand “beater” to tens of […]

  • Absorb LMS Wins Several Awards!

    We are pleased to share some great news. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been honored with several awards from our respected colleagues at research firms Brandon Hall Research and Talented Learning. For many years now, Brandon Hall Research has conducted an annual Excellence in Technology Awards program. We’re pleased to have been awarded Gold for […]

  • Why Reporting is the Most Hated Learning Management Feature

    Stripped of its hundreds of bells and whistles, a learning management system (LMS) is essentially a software application designed to do two things: Provide learners with learning content Report on the progress of these learners. Given that all LMSs have these two features in one form or another, it’s probably not surprising that given the […]

  • Adapt Your Off-The-Shelf LMS To Your Business Requirements

    Using Admin Overrides to Suit Your Needs A good off-the-shelf LMS automatically updates the progress of employees, partners or customers’ training activities and provides robust tracking. It is a huge time saver for administrators to be able to pull, or even better yet schedule, accurate and timely reports to readily check the status of many trainees […]

  • How Our Intuitively Designed LMS Administration Saves You Time

    Here at Blatant Media we are focused on one primary goal – To Build Intuitive Software! This was our goal back in 2003, and it’s the filter through which we look at every new feature that we build into Absorb today. As you have probably heard, Absorb underwent a major redesign last year. As part […]

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