Automate your way to maximum efficiency. When administrating Absorb LMS, you can bend and shape Absorb LMS to run on your rules and on your schedule.

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Your LMS, your way

We’ve built Absorb LMS to flex and shape to your training requirements. With clients across dozens of industries with hundreds of unique use cases, experience shows us that one-size training software does not fit all. Whether you’re a growing SaaS company looking for employee training software, or a manufacturer looking to scale eLearning or an institution looking to stay compliant, Absorb LMS can work for you.

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Schedule and automate repetitive tasks

Absorb LMS gives administrators the power to schedule and automate much of the busy work other LMS’s require from their admins. Add in intuitive course setup, user management, and reporting tools and Absorb LMS lets you take back time to get on with the more important things.

With Absorb LMS you're able to set workflows that start based on your predetermined triggers. Have your new employees automatically enrolled in onboarding. Someone gets promoted and immediately gets their new courses. Automatically re-enroll learners who don't pass an assessment. Absorb LMS lets you focus on your learning strategy.

“My experience with the Absorb LMS over the past two years has been fantastic. I’ve worked with a variety of learning management systems over the past fifteen years, and I have to say that the Absorb LMS is hands down the best I’ve ever worked with.“

Steve Price, PresidentLearnPort Inc.

Integrate systems for more LMS automation

Integrating your learner data with other systems is often a key business requirement. With Absorb LMS you're able to leverage those integrations to help maximize the efficiency of your learning strategy. By utilizing your existing HRIS and CRM data, Absorb LMS can often do the LMS administration for you. Set up your integration to recognize employee promotions, new hires, new customers, or whatever makes sense for your business, and Absorb can automatically create those users and enroll them in the courses you've selected.

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Ultimately, Absorb is fast, easy, gorgeous and even if you're a staff of one or two (like me) you can easily manage hundreds of learners and dozens of online courses. I love Absorb!

Cecilia White, Product Manager, MarketingTelmate

LMS administration automation through organization

Absorb LMS works great for both simple and extremely complex deployments. The flexible Absorb Department and Group structure and portal license models make it easy to accommodate a simple hierarchy or a sophisticated multi-tenant structure under your control. Use groups to target learning activities and reports across departments to only those in certain roles. You can use hundreds of features to achieve complex workflows and automation affecting enrollments, notifications, and completion based rules.

“… we settled on Absorb after a broad and detailed search with formal criteria. We eliminated the big guys for their cost and lack of flexibility, and the little guys did not have the features or maturity we needed. Absorb has the right set of capabilities that met all of our criteria including scalability, administration ease and flexibility, reporting capability, and excellent user experience.”

Fred Pinkett, VP Product ManagementSecurity Innovation, Inc.

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