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Experience Next Gen Learning with Our AI-Powered LMS

Absorb LMS is an AI-powered learning management system for enterprises across all industries to train and upskill employees, customers, partners, and members anywhere in the world. From meeting compliance standards, fostering business growth through continuous learning, to monetizing course content, Absorb LMS unlocks the ROI in learning.


Future-proof Your Learning with a Scalable Solution

Whether you're a large enterprise, or small to mid-sized business, our AI-driven learning management system is intelligently crafted to meet the needs of all learners. Absorb LMS can help you effectively train and upskill your employees, customers, partners, and members to optimize learning outcomes. Our LMS software focuses on aligning learning needs with business demands, regardless of who you're training or why. Leveraging the right learning management software is the most effective way to accomplish your business goals.

Discover How Absorb Can Power Your Learning

Compliance Training

Reliable compliance training software to keep your organization safe and aware of workplace hazards, whether its data security, physical safety, or employee behavior


From onboarding your new employees to meeting regulatory compliance training standards, Absorb LMS keeps company training on track and people moving forward

Learner Experience

Give learners the accessible and intuitive interface that will keep them coming back for more training, all wrapped in a professionally designed, custom branded style.

Artificial Intelligence

Deliver the best possible search results to your learners. Absorb LMS AI connects learners with relevant content, precisely when they’re looking for it.

Mobile Learning

Take your mobile eLearning strategy to the next level with Absorb LMS and empower your people to learn anywhere, whether they're working in the field or on the go.

Absorb Amplify

Boost learner engagement with the expertly-curated Absorb Amplify microlearning course library that covers foundational compliance and business needs.


The MedTrainer integration for Absorb LMS ensures healthcare organizations have access to up-to-date training materials on a broad range of subjects across many disciplines.

Biz Library

Get your team up and learning fast, while boosting ROI for your training program by using our turnkey Biz Library integration for Absorb LMS.


The turnkey Traliant integration with Absorb LMS seamlessly connects learners to 100+ interactive courses. Deliver their award-winning content to drive compliance and engage learners.


With over 450+ courses on leadership and development, emergency response, safety and compliance, industrial skills and more, HSI knows how to make the most of the training experience.


Go1 is the world's most comprehensive digital learning aggregator, trusted by thousands of organizations to solve the challenge of curating content for diverse training and development needs.

HCM Connectors

Use Absorb's HCM Connectors to integrate Absorb LMS and your favorite enterprise-grade HCM system including Workday, UKG Pro, and Ceridian Dayforce to create a seamless HCM-LMS environment.

ADP Connector

Absorb LMS offers turnkey integrations for ADP Vantage HCM®, ADP Next Gen HCM® and ADP Workforce Now® that seamlessly connect human resources (HR) and training data to provide all the benefits and function of a software suite.

Zoom Connector

Fuel consistent, collaborative training for all your learners—regardless of location, device or operating system—by integrating Zoom video conferencing with your LMS.

Absorb-LMS Third

Essential Features? We've Got You Covered:

Why Choose Absorb LMS?

Create personalized learning experiences

Create personalized learning experiences

Empower employees to access the LMS training materials they need when they need them, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Seamlessly adapt to evolving needs

Seamlessly adapt to evolving needs

Fuel continued growth with a learning management system that's flexible to meet your needs. Absorb LMS is highly scalable, ensuring that you always have the training capacity you need to push forward.

Get support that keeps you productive

Get support that keeps you productive

Trust a technology partner who will have your back at all times. Absorb is renowned for its incredible 24/7/365 in-house customer support so you can always get help when you need it.

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FAQs about Absorb LMS

What is a Learning Management System?

A learning management system, or LMS, is a software solution used to store, deliver and track online learning. The best learning management systems are flexible, scalable and have 24/7 in-house customer support—empowering organizations of all types and sizes to deliver uninterrupted training to employees, partners, customers, and more. 

How long does it take to implement Absorb LMS?

Good question. The elegant design of Absorb LMS means that you can get started quickly with out-of-the-box features and an extensive selection of popular content libraries, or you can  collaborate with the Absorb Onboarding Team to tailor your training program to meet your organization's needs. Absorb LMS is also a SCORM compliant learning management system that supports xAPI and HTML5 content as well, allowing you to import existing courses to get up and running fast. Implementation times will vary accordingly.

Is your LMS software accessible for a wide range of users?

Absorb LMS is a global learning management system that's WCAG 2.0 compliant for learners and administrators, making it a great choice for users with visual, hearing or other impairments. The mobile app, Absorb Learn, allows learners to access training materials on their favorite devices, so team members who are often on the go or need quick answers in the field always have information at hand. Absorb LMS even supports different customizations for different learning groups such as employees, customers and partners for a more personalized LMS experience.

How much does Absorb LMS cost?

Cost is an important consideration when choosing a business LMS. Absorb LMS has a range of pricing models that ensure you get the right features and support options for your needs and budget. Furthermore, Absorb LMS is built on cloud-based infrastructure that makes it easily scalable. You won't outgrow Absorb LMS, but it can grow with your needs. Talk to an Absorb sales representative for more specific pricing details for your learning and development program.

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