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Loyalty must be earned. Since our founding, we've partnered with clients to listen, learn, collaborate—and deliver results, so they're always ahead of the market.

Whether small learning communities or global corporations, Absorb LMS clients get the technology and service they need to thrive.

So they stay with us—often for years.

This dedication fortifies our commitment to ongoing innovation. Technology changes. Industry changes, so we too must evolve to renew the trust put in us; keeping the partnership fresh and taking nothing for granted.

And by anticipating client needs, and developing for them in advance, Absorb LMS readies customers for the unforeseen challenges that lie ahead.

If you're not yet an Absorb LMS client, but are considering an LMS, let's connect. We'd love to show you how Absorb can elevate learning at your organization.

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Our Customers

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I've worked with a variety of Learning Management Systems over the last 15 years and I have to say that Absorb LMS is hands down the best I’ve ever worked with.”
Steve Price, HALO Corporate Universities
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It's a very stable hosted [application] . My company has been with them since 2012. There has been no significant downtime in that entire time.
Dawn Keim, Mom365
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Absorb provides a very clean and professional user interface which accurately presents the Dale Carnegie image to its customers.
Dan Heffernan, General Manager Dale Carnegie Digital
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Very impressed with Absorb LMS. The most progressive and intuitive platform I have seen to date. No other LMS allows you to brand the user experience to such detail, the user experience is highly usable and intuitive. Great execution of thoughtful design.
- Jack Makhlouf, eLearning Mind
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I feel like Absorb is a partner—not just a vendor. We operate globally, and the user-friendliness of the user interface has been a big plus and saved us hundreds and hundreds of hours of customer support.
- Craig Moss, Social Fingerprint LLC
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Having used almost every learning management system on the planet, I would say, look around, make your list — then come look at the Absorb LMS.
Steve Price, CEO and President , LearnPort, Inc.
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We have grown our eLearning use by 300% since switching to Absorb, mainly because it is very easy for our customers and we can get more content to market faster.
Chris Martin, Technical Training Lead, Infinera
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Reporting capabilities are fantastic. Creating a report and then having the ability to auto-generate daily/weekly/monthly is very useful.
Tony Isaac, Supervisor, Instructional Design, Insperity
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After the demo, there was really no question who to choose... Absorb knocked the other representatives out of the park.
Bucky Wall, Benefitfocus
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Having worked with the team at Absorb for more than two years I would be hard pressed to recommend any other Learning Management System to anyone looking for one.
Colin Dempsey, Director of Support, Security Innovation

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