Absorb LMS Features

Delivering an intuitive experience keeps learners coming back for training. With a focus on learner engagement and an efficient admin experience, our learning management system (LMS) elevates learning without compromising on functionality. Explore the LMS that helps organizations like yours achieve goals, create a culture of learning, and drive success.

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Seeing is believing, so take a quick tour of our LMS software and discover some of the features you'll love.

Discover Features Built for Modern Learning 

Learner Engagement

Captivating your learners is key to a successful learning program. Absorb LMS makes it easier for your learners to interact with your content and retain important information.

eCommerce Portal

Make it easy to sell online courses with our fully integrated LMS eCommerce module. From discounts to preferred pricing to a simple tax setup, we have the perfect solution for course sales.

Reporting & Analytics

Get the data your organization needs to make informed decisions. Absorb LMS reporting and analytics dashboards empower you with key insights that make sense for your specific business.

Learner Experience

Give your learners the accessible and intuitive user experience that will keep them coming back for training, all wrapped up in a professionally designed, custom-branded style.

Observational Checklists

Close the gap between online and on-the-job training. With observational checklists, you can quickly verify that employees have the skills to get the job done — and track it automatically to ensure your records are always accurate.

Artificial Intelligence

Unlock next-gen learning with Absorb Intelligence, an AI-powered set of capabilities designed to simplify admin tasks and give your learners more opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge.

Mobile App

Empower learning anytime, anywhere — both online and off — extending the reach and flexibility of your LMS training via this LMS app.


From our development and QA standards to our security considerations and cloud infrastructure, we're focused on delivering a powerful and dependable eLearning platform.

Content Libraries

Achieve instant ROI from your LMS via thousands of pre-built online courses. Choose from thousands of LMS courses, carefully curated by the world's leading eLearning content providers.


Power your learning via turnkey LMS integrations with leading content libraries, web services, and apps.


Boost learning verification and legal confidence with Absorb LMS eSignatures. Enable learners to sign off that they met important requirements while training.

Absorb Pinpoint

Your learners are busy, so keeping them engaged and satisfied means connecting them to the information they need, when and where they need it — even if it's in the middle of a video lesson.

Scorm Compliance

Whether you're on a desktop or smartphone, outsourcing courses, or building them from scratch, Absorb LMS is ready to handle your SCORM compliance needs.

FAQs About Absorb LMS Features

What's the difference between an LMS and an LXP? 

A learning management system (LMS) is used by administrators to manage and distribute training across enterprises. A learning experience platform (LXP) is the learner side of the system, focused on the user’s course journey. At Absorb our unified platform covers both. 

Can you describe the standard feature package for Absorb LMS?

Absorb LMS offers a robust standard feature package that includes smart administration, deep branding capabilities down to the department level,  24/7 customer support, global servers, 99.99% uptime, and eCommerce.

Do you support external integrations into the system? 

Absolutely. Absorb offers integrations with leading technology platforms including human capital management systems (HCMs), customer relationship management (CRM) software, web conferencing, content libraries, and more. Using our RESTful APIs, customers can also build integrations or sync data with countless other systems. Absorb Infuse is designed to help take any element of the Absorb learner experience (e.g. course catalog, content progress tracking, collaboration tools, etc.), and embed it directly into your current application(s). 

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