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We are continuously innovating at Absorb. Our goal is to empower you with the best-in-class learning management system to support every one of your organization’s learning needs.

Our #1 rated LMS leverages the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, analytics, and personalization, to deliver a superior learning experience. Driven by feedback from our customers and matched with new technologies, we are excited to share our latest innovations with you. 

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Upskill Your Employees with Absorb Skills

Is your employee aiming for a promotion or hoping to sharpen their professional skills? Or maybe they want a different role in the organization? Each of your employees have unique learning and development goals, and it’s often unclear how they can reach these upskilling or cross-skilling goals. On the other hand, managers and HR teams often don’t have an organized way of tracking learning progress and measuring success. This is where Absorb Skills comes in.

With Absorb Skills, learners are provided with clearly defined and personalized upskilling and cross-skilling learning paths. This AI-powered tool allows learners to set their own advancement goals and recommends courses in the LMS based on relevant skills and competencies. Learners benefit from having a holistic solution for reaching their learning goals, while HR leaders and managers can view and track learning progress. With a learner-driven approach towards upskilling and career advancement, organizations benefit from greater visibility into skill and knowledge gaps, learning outcomes, and higher employee retention. 

Absorb Skills is available now! Contact us to learn more. 

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Intelligent Content Creation

Did you know it takes an average of 49 hours to create an eLearning course? Course creators spend the bulk of this time researching, writing, editing, formatting, collecting feedback, and publishing content. But what if you could do all this in a matter of minutes using a single tool?

Create AI is a powerful enhancement to Absorb Create, made for course creators and subject matter experts who want to streamline their course creation process. It helps course creators by reducing the amount of effort and time involved with researching content and creating courses from scratch. Course creators can also refine the AI-suggested content, structure, and design to ensure it meets their learners’ needs. By producing high-quality content using Create AI, learners will be more engaged in the learning process, leading to improved information retention and learning outcomes.

Start using Create AI Beta today! Contact us to learn more. 


Easily Build Custom, Insightful Reports

Having LMS data at your fingertips allows you to make impactful decisions for your team and organization. Many reporting tools are complex and require technical training, but what if there was an easy way to create ad hoc and scheduled reports? What if you could generate custom reports in seconds?

Analyze Essentials is a custom report building solution that allows users to access powerful reporting with an easy-to-use workflow. Simply drag and drop learner and courses data to create custom reports from the ground up with no technical effort or skills required. Design reports around your unique use case to answer the questions your organization needs. Make data driven decisions based on the information gathered in the custom reports and continue to optimize your learning program.

Analyze Essentials is available now! Contact us to learn more.

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