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Your learning programs are only as effective as the content that drives them. With Absorb, you'll have access to thousands of pre-built online courses. Get up and learning with Absorb LMS from day-one.

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Expertly Curated & Ready-made Course Content from Absorb

The Absorb Amplify content portfolio offers an all-in-one solution for achieving regulatory compliance, encouraging professional development, and creating a safe workplace. Improve your learner experience by providing a variety of delivery methods, diverse types of courses, and interactive features such as animations, multimedia, and embedded activities, catering to different learning preferences and needs. And it's plug and play from day one.

Discover the Absorb Amplify Content Portfolio



  • Foundational Amplify Library: Jumpstart your business with over 500 curated courses.
  • Ideal for Small to Mid-Size Companies: Provides essential and mandatory business training. 
  • Engaging Micro-Learning Format: Features interactive elements for effective learning. 
  • Immediate Value Delivery: Designed to offer quick, impactful learning outcomes.
Amplify Plus

Amplify Plus

  • Expanded Learning Package: Elevate your team's knowledge with over 2,000 courses spanning basic to intermediate topics.
  • Comprehensive Suite: Covers essential topics, compliance, safety, skills, and continuing education.
  • Versatile Formats: Courses presented in bite-sized lessons, full-length courses, and instructor-led training.
  • Language Options: English and Spanish courses, with voiceovers in French and Spanish.
  • Accessibility Features: Closed captioning available in multiple languages, including Chinese Simplified, French, and Thai, catering to a diverse workforce.
Amplify Max 

Amplify Max 

  • Expansive Library: Over 20,000 courses from more than 100 well-known and reputable publishers. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From basic to advanced levels, including Safety, Business Skills, Technology, Wellness, and DE&I.
  • Upskilling: Leverage Absorb Skills, an AI-powered upskilling tool that provides your employees with personalized learning paths based on the courses available in the Amplify Max library.
  • Diverse Learning Styles Support: Designed for varied learning preferences.
  • Language options: Multi-language support in 90+ languages, and localized content in over 40 languages.

Healthcare Course Content That Counts

In the healthcare sector, meeting regulatory compliance requirements could mean life or death. The MedTrainer turn-key content library for Absorb LMS ensures healthcare organizations have access to up-to-date training materials on a broad range of subjects across many disciplines.

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Why Choose Content Libraries?

Proven Courses

Proven Courses

Thousands of proven LMS courses from leading eLearning content providers.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility

Enable learners to access eLearning content from the device of their choice.

Seamless Library Access

Seamless Library Access

All content libraries seamlessly integrate with the Absorb LMS.

Wide Selection of Skill Areas

Wide Selection of Skill Areas

Business Skills, HR compliance, IT, Leadership, Management, Sales, Manufacturing, Retail and more.

Variety Of Formats

Variety Of Formats

Short, long and interactive videos, quizzes, eLearning, microlearning.

Relevant Content

Relevant Content

Developed by industry experts, content stays up-to-date and the most relevant for learners. 

Content Programming - Third

Jumpstart Your Training

Drive immediate impact for your learning program. Tapping proven course content from award-winning content libraries is the fastest way to get your team up and learning—saving you months of hassle and curricula development. You're only a few clicks away!

What Real Customers Say

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We have grown our eLearning use by 300% since switching to Absorb, mainly because it is very easy for our customers and we can get more content to market faster.
Chris Martin, Technical Training Lead, Infinera
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I feel like Absorb is a partner—not just a vendor. We operate globally, and the user-friendliness of the user interface has been a big plus and saved us hundreds and hundreds of hours of customer support.
- Craig Moss, Social Fingerprint LLC
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From diversity and inclusion training to cybersecurity, using Absorb LMS to deliver training has kept us 100% compliant on training for important workplace issues.
- Mark Brown, Symmend Fuels

FAQs about Absorb Content Libraries

Why should I buy content through Absorb?

With Absorb, you'll get the benefit of content libraries that are integrated with the LMS making is easier to implement and manage your subscriptions - all in one place.

Am I able to add my own customized content?

Yes! With Absorb LMS, you can create and upload your own course content, unique to your organization.

How quickly can my team get up and running with eLearning content in Absorb?

Fast. With turnkey eLearning content from Absorb, you can get your team up and learning from day one

Why should I buy expert-made content?

When building a comprehensive learning program, having ready-made content built by industry experts not only saves time on content creation, but makes it easier to keep content up-to-date and relevant for users.

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