Absorb LMS Training Portal

Growing companies need more than scalable technology—they need immediate answers to keep their teams productive. Absorb Academy is an LMS training portal with self-service training tools designed specifically for LMS administrators. Whether you're looking to take your training to the next level or bring a new admin up to speed, Absorb Academy provides on-demand access to training loaded with tutorials, tips, and tricks to ensure your learning program succeeds.

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Absorb Academy Certification

Absorb Academy Certification gives you the keys to the kingdom by leveling up your Absorb LMS administration skills. Content is tailored to five default roles—System Administrator, Administrator, Reporter, Instructor, and Business Intelligence Reporter, so you can take training specific to your needs. Or work your way through them all to become the ultimate Absorb LMS power user for your organization. Your choice!

FAQs About Absorb Academy

Who has access to Absorb Academy?

Your LMS Administrators can access Absorb Academy through the admin dashboard anytime.

Do I need to register to take Absorb Academy training courses?

Not at all! Absorb Academy is a self-service portal that's available to you 24/7/365. Log on any time you want immediate answers to your Absorb LMS questions. If you find you need personalized assistance, you can connect with your account representative or the customer support team who will be super happy to help you.

What other training resources available for my LMS admins?

The Absorb Help Desk is loaded with additional self-serve resources including community discussion boards, release notes, and the Absorb Knowledge Base. Beyond that, our 100% in-house support team is always ready and willing to lend a hand. 

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