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MyAbsorb Login Information

Looking to access your myAbsorb training portal? While every company's login page is unique, these helpful tips will set you on the right path for finding the company-specific training you need:

  • Ask your manager or team lead to point you in the right direction
  • Reach out to your company's HR or learning and development team
  • If possible, contact the training organizer or instructor directly

FAQs about myAbsorb Login

Who can access a myAbsorb portal?

Absorb LMS is fully customizable, including the unique URL learners use to gain access to the portal. To respect the privacy and security of every client, you'll need to contact someone within the organization for this information.  

What should I do if I can't remember my username or password?

If you're having issues with your password, the login page should have a link to reset your user credentials. For all other problems, reaching out to the teams that manage the LMS within the organization—typically these are trainers, HR departments, managers, etc.—is a great place to start.