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Absorb Amplify : Diverse Content Libraries for a Changing World

The Absorb Amplify content portfolio makes sure your team and organization not only keep pace with today's business challenges but excel with future-ready skills. Engineered for both cost-effectiveness and engaging experiences, our diverse course content portfolio spans three distinct libraries: Amplify, Amplify Plus and Amplify Max. Each is curated to empower your workforce with knowledge and skills for tomorrow's opportunities.  

Max + Skills

Talent Development Made Easy

Boost your team's growth and future-proof your business with Absorb Skills, powered by Amplify Max. This power duo helps your workforce stay ahead of the curve by leveraging thousands of courses and skills, so you can upskill your team and help them stay confident and knowledgeable.

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Navigate Safety and Compliance with Confidence

The Absorb Amplify content portfolio makes staying compliant easy. It equips your team with the know-how to stay ahead of regulations, keep your business operating smoothly and legally, no matter the industry. 

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Instant Integration, Endless Innovation

Designed for cost efficiency and captivating engagement, our Amplify portfolio is seamlessly delivered within Absorb LMS ensuring instant integration. With an Absorb Amplify content library, not only do you access a wealth of knowledge tailored to meet evolving needs, but you also get the advantage of complete tracking and reporting.  

Choose from Three Course Content Libraries to Fuel your Learning Needs



  • Foundational Amplify Library: Jumpstart your business with over 500 curated courses.
  • Ideal for Small to Mid-Size Companies: Provides essential and mandatory business training.
  • Engaging Micro-Learning Format: Features interactive elements for effective learning.
  • Immediate Value Delivery: Designed to offer quick, impactful learning outcomes.
Amplify Plus

Amplify Plus

  • Expanded Learning Package: Elevate your team's knowledge with over 2,000 courses spanning basic to intermediate topics.
  • Comprehensive Suite: Covers essential topics, compliance, safety, skills, and continuing education.
  • Versatile Formats: Courses presented in bite-sized lessons, full-length courses, and instructor-led training.
  • Language Options: English and Spanish courses, with voiceovers in French and Spanish.
  • Accessibility Features: Closed captioning available in multiple languages, including Chinese Simplified, French, and Thai, catering to a diverse workforce.
Amplify Max

Amplify Max

  • Expansive Library: Over 20,000 courses from more than 100 well-known and reputable publishers. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From basic to advanced levels, including safety, business skills, technology, wellness, DE&I, and industry-specific accreditations. 
  • Upskilling: Leverage Absorb Skills, an AI-powered upskilling tool that provides your employees with personalized learning paths based on the courses available in the Amplify Max library. 
  • Diverse Learning Styles Support: Designed for varied learning preferences. 
  • Language Options: Available in 90 + languages, and localized content in over 40 languages.  

Key Features of Absorb Amplify

Expert Made Content

Expert Made Content

Dive into a world where every piece of content is crafted by subject matter experts, ensuring your learning is grounded in professional insights and real-world applicability. 

Always Current

Always Current

Stay ahead of the curve with content that's continuously updated, keeping you in sync with the latest trends and industry standards. 

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Maximize your training budget with our economically priced offers, designed to deliver the highest quality learning experiences without breaking the bank. 

Engaging and Interactive

Engaging and Interactive

Engage learners with content that captivates and retains attention, turning learning moments into memorable, impactful experiences. 

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

With content delivered directly within Absorb LMS, experience hassle-free integration that saves time and simplifies your learning ecosystem. 

Integrated Reporting

Integrated Reporting

Gain insightful analytics and detailed reports, providing you with a complete overview of your learning journey for informed decision-making and enhanced outcomes. 

FAQs about Absorb Amplify

Are all courses included?

There are three unique content packages, and it depends on which one fits your current needs. If you would like to have access to all courses, we would recommend the Amplify Max Library.  

Is Absorb Skills included in every package?  

Absorb Skills is currently only available for purchase to Amplify Max subscribers.  

Are courses regularly updated?

Yes, our course catalog is ever-expanding.

Does microlearning really work?

Microlearning, which is 5–10 minutes long, reduces fatigue in learners. There is evidence of more knowledge retention compared to traditional eLearning modules, and microlearning can be revisited for just-in-time learning scenarios.

Can I buy Absorb Amplify if I don’t use Absorb LMS?

At this time, only Absorb LMS users can access Absorb Amplify.

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