Absorb Intelligence

Unlock next-gen learning with Absorb Intelligence, an AI-powered set of capabilities designed to simplify admin tasks and give your learners more opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge. Connect learners with new content they'll love, enhance search and microlearning and improve administrative efficiency, all through predictive AI and natural language recognition. Harness more power with fewer menus and clicks.

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Intelligent Content Creation

Using Absorb Create with built-in generative AI, you can drastically reduce course creation time to a few minutes! Whether you are a seasoned course creator or subject matter expert, you can save time and resources by using Create AI Beta to research, structure, and design courses in a few simple steps. Make your courses even more engaging with the interactive features including animations, buttons, narration, questions, videos, assessments, and more.  

And when you are done, publish your course to Absorb LMS with one click. It’s that simple. 

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Intelligent Assist

Give your administrative team the freedom to focus on the big picture with Intelligent Assist, the AI feature that allows admins to manage day-to-day tasks more efficiently. Using natural language, ask a simple or complex request and be taken directly to the pre-configured report page or action screen with one click.

For example, type "Show me all the users that did not pass Security Compliance training" and the report will take you to a pre-populated list of those specific users. This game-changing capability makes LMS administration faster and easier for power users and novices alike.


Intelligent Recommendations

Expand your learners' growth opportunities with Intelligent Recommendations. Advanced AI assesses learner data to predict new content that will likely interest them as well as popular course options.

The learner dashboard displays a Trending Ribbon, which suggests popular content, and the Recommendation Ribbon contains a curated list of courses relevant to each specific user. Once a course is completed, learners will see recommendations for new training tailored to their interests.

Why Choose Absorb LMS With Artificial Intelligence?

Improve the Learner Experience

Improve the Learner Experience

Learners can more easily find the content they're looking for and, in so doing, help future searchers get better results. AI refines results with every new search.

Drive Content Engagement

Drive Content Engagement

When learners efficiently find the content they're searching for, they gain the skills they seek and are motivated to come back for more.

Efficient Administration

Efficient Administration

Save time and money by simplifying admin tasks. Find information faster, act on activities immediately and identify opportunities with the power of artificial intelligence.


Intelligent Ranking

Intelligent Ranking, an AI-powered feature exclusive to Absorb LMS, delivers enhanced search results in the optimal order based on historical learner choices. Absorb Intelligent Ranking continually adjusts based on data collected from all learners' behaviors, so your LMS will always anticipate your learners' needs.

You'll also gain insight into your learner's experience through the curated data in the Search Analytics Report, which highlights wins and identifies opportunities for improvement.


AI That's The Smart Choice For Everyone

Growing in tandem with the learner engagement it fuels, the AI powering Absorb LMS gets smarter every time there's a new piece of content, search query, course enrollment and more. Making it the most intelligent LMS administrator experience ever made.

The smarter it gets, the more valuable it becomes—saving learners time by connecting them to relevant content faster and giving LMS admins deeper strategic insight to propel learning everywhere. Never one to steal the spotlight, our AI directs the learner experience seamlessly from behind the scenes, ensuring there's only one place you'll ever notice its influence: the results.

FAQs about Absorb LMS Artificial Intelligence

What is an example of Absorb LMS AI?

An example of Absorb LMS AI includes popular content appearing higher on search result rankings within the LMS. The Smart RankingTM feature adjusts the priority of search results based on what similar learners find relevant.

Does Absorb LMS artificial intelligence (AI) leverage machine learning?

Yes. Absorb LMS leverages the AI algorithms referred to as "machine learning" to deliver content search results. Machine learning is a specific type of artificial intelligence.

Will Absorb LMS AI display hidden content?

No. The Smart Ranking™ feature abides by content availability and other visibility rules. Learners cannot see courses, polls, news articles, FAQs and other resources they should not have access to.

Will queries from learners outside my company impact content search results?

No. Absorb LMS AI only analyzes and intelligently adjusts to content rankings based on the learner activity associated with your organization.

How does Absorb LMS AI implementation protect user privacy?

We design every Absorb feature to uphold internal standards and external compliances. Our AI implementations rely on a variety of different protections depending on the specific feature, including anonymization of personal information, aggregation of metadata, creating data silos, encryption and more.

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