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Absorb Skills: AI-Driven Upskilling

Most L&D teams find it challenging to upskill employees at the speed of the business, while 1/3 of organizations find it difficult to provide employees with personalized learning to meet individual upskilling needs. At Absorb, we understand the need for a solution that can solve both challenges – this is why we created Absorb Skills, built with AI from the ground up.


Empower Your Employees in Their Development

Employees who feel empowered to continue learning and developing new skills are more engaged in their roles, and more likely to stay and grow with an organization. And of course, organizations with well-trained teams that are knowledgeable in their job functions will produce better business outcomes. Absorb Skills comes with a predefined ontology of skills and competencies already matched to related jobs through AI, making it simple for learners to know where to start. Whether employees are looking to change career paths, get promoted to a new role, or just brush up on role-related skill, Absorb Skills can do the job.


Leveraging AI to Personalize Learning Paths

Absorb Skills uses AI to help craft a tailored learning path for employees. Learners start by identifying a goal, which could be improving in a particular competency or picking from one of 1500+ jobs. Learners then assess themselves against a set of almost 200 expertly crafted job competencies supported by more than 10,000 job skills.


Access Training Content For All Industries and Job Roles

Absorb Skills is powered by Amplify Max, our extensive library of over 20,000 training courses covering basic to advanced levels and across a range of industries and skills. Developed by over 100 expert publishers, there's no need to look elsewhere for training materials or to spend time building them from scratch. These courses are already tagged to relevant skills and competencies to ensure learners are served the most impactful courses for their learning goals.

Key Benefits of Absorb Skills

AI-Driven Learning Paths

AI-Driven Learning Paths

Learners are equipped with personalized learning paths created by AI to help them reach their unique upskilling or cross-skilling goals.

Role Benchmarks

Role Benchmarks

HR, L&D teams, and people leaders can easily set benchmarks for all job roles across their organization.

Ready to Use Course Library

Ready to Use Course Library

Organizations can leverage the ready-made, quality training content from our Amplify Max library rather than building content from scratch or sourcing it externally.

Learner Reporting

Learner Reporting

Course activity and learning data can be tracked within the LMS for more effective coaching and resource management.

All-in-One Solution

All-in-One Solution

A single LMS platform that can deliver AI-driven personalized learning paths, training content, and upskilling opportunities for learners at the speed of your business.

Skills for Diverse Job Roles and Industries

Skills for Diverse Job Roles and Industries

Learners can choose from over 1500 job roles, 200 competencies, and 10,000 skills that apply across industries.

FAQs about Absorb Skills

What type of organization is best suited for Absorb Skills?

Organizations that want to leverage an extensive library of ready-made, quality training content to help upskill or cross-skill their teams would be best suited to use Absorb Skills.

Why choose Absorb Skills as your organization's skills solution?

Absorb Skills is an end-to-end upskilling and content solution within a single LMS platform. With pre-made content, self-assessments, customized learning paths, skills and competencies mapping, and learning progress metrics, you have all the tools you need to upskill your learners no matter what their goals are.

What kind of training content does Absorb Skills recommend?

Absorb Skills is powered by Amplify Max, an extensive training content library with topics that span across leadership skills, compliance, safety, DE&I, industry specific knowledge, business skills, and so much more!

Can I use my own training content with Absorb Skills?

Yes! In addition to the recommended courses from the Amplify Max library, you can also tag your own content to align with specific job skills and competencies.

Ready to See How Absorb Skills Can Help Your Organization?