Foster loyalty & reduce churn with customer education with Absorb

Well-trained customers are crucial to strengthening 
your business. Deliver effective learning via a customer education LMS and you’ll meet customer needs, improve customer satisfaction, and generate greater revenue.


What is customer education?

Customer enablement, sometimes referred to as customer education or customer training, helps customers get the maximum value from your product or service by providing them with additional knowledge, tools, and ongoing support. If customers can’t navigate your product or services properly, their adoption will be limited and they’re likely to churn. A strong customer enablement program lays the foundation for long-term success and a robust, committed customer base.


What are examples of customer education training?

Examples of different customer education programs include: 

  • Onboarding training 
  • Use case training 
  • Technical product training  
  • Certification training   
  • Administrative training  


How is customer training different from employee training?

Customer training focuses on educating customers about a product or service, enriching the learning experience and promoting usage, while employee training focuses on cultivating skills and knowledge pertinent to their roles, internal processes, nurturing productivity and professional development. Both aim to enhance satisfaction while tailoring content and delivery to their respective audiences.

Make sure customers get maximum value from your product or service

Streamline onboarding and adoption

Streamline onboarding and adoption

Support customers by providing access to essential information, resources, and training materials from day one. Then continuously engage with them as their needs evolve, goals change or you add new capabilities.

Increase adoption while reducing churn

Increase adoption while reducing churn

Support customers in achieving their outcomes with on-demand access to resources, training programs and community support. They’ll become confident users of your product, leading to higher satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Enable self-service

Enable self-service

Give your customers the ability to troubleshoot basic issues on their own with self-service FAQs and knowledge bases. Free up support team resources so they can focus on high-touch customer issues.

Why use Absorb LMS for customer education?

Personalized learning

Personalized learning

Deliver personalized content tailored to the needs and learning paths of individual customers. When customers receive effective training that’s tailored to their needs and challenges via engaging formats like interactive quizzes and video-based content, it’s more likely to stick.

Flexible access

Flexible access

Customers need to fit learning into packed or unpredictable schedules. Let them engage with content at their own pace with access to training anytime across different devices.

Content management

Content management

Create, manage, and distribute educational content from one central location. Administrators can easily update and publish new materials, so customers always have access to the latest information and resources.

Scale with a single system

Scale with a single system

Multi-tenancy capabilities let you meet the unique requirements of different customers, provide a seamless user experience, and offer centralized management across multiple entities, all within a cost-effective and scalable framework.

What real customers say

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We service various industries from coast-to-coast, and all those clients have different needs, different training, different initiatives, different visions. So, our goal is to have a strategic partner like Absorb that allows us the ability to meet those learners where they are along their trajectory. And that expands to over 290,000 clients.
Mark Sanchez, Manager, Learning Systems, Learning & Performance Operations
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Support tickets have gone down between 70% and 80% since implementing Absorb. We get almost no technical issues anymore and our users are now mostly able to resolve simpler help desk issues on their own.
Learning and development administrator, Financial Services. Forrester TEI Report
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By offering comprehensive training and certifications, we enable our customers to fully leverage our capabilities, thereby accelerating their onboarding process and reducing time to market. By offering comprehensive training and certifications, we enable our customers to fully leverage our capabilities, thereby accelerating their onboarding process and reducing time to market.
LMS integration strategist, Software. Forrester TEI Report.

FAQs about Absorb LMS for customer education

What are some of the main use cases for customer enablement?

Some of the core uses we see include customer onboarding and training, introducing new features, capabilities or products and using the LMS as a channel for customers to provide feedback and access self-service support.

Can the platform support multiple training programs targeted at different customer segments?

Yes! Absorb LMS offers the utmost flexibility for your different customer groups by allowing you to create separate and secure portals using the departments or groups feature. You can cater to each of your customer segments by offering unique training curriculums that match their needs.

Can Absorb LMS be tailored to reflect a customer’s branding and visual identity?

Absolutely! The Absorb LMS portal is fully customizable, including domain, logo, font, colors and more.

What does customer education look like at Absorb?

We strive to empower and educate our customers to effectively and independently use Absorb products and services, going beyond just the basic understanding of the LMS features to ensure the necessary skills and knowledge are developed to derive maximum value. We currently have a Knowledge Base compiled of documentation that covers all features and capabilities of the LMS, built primarily through support tickets that are turned into articles to improve knowledge, and a training portal with self-service training tools designed specifically for Absorb LMS administrators.

How can using an LMS for customer training cut down costs?

A customer training program saves time, money, and resources by reducing the number of support tickets and customer service calls you receive. A platform like Absorb LMS drives customer retention, decreases churn, and drives more revenue for your business.

Does Absorb LMS support multiple languages?

Yes. Great customer training solutions should accommodate everyone and Absorb is no exception. Absorb LMS supports over two dozen languages for learners and administrators.

Is there CRM integration available?

Absorb LMS seamlessly integrates with many leading CRM platforms like Salesforce right out of the box. RESTful API capabilities also facilitates integration with many other products to make your customer onboarding and training experience as streamlined and straightforward as possible.

Ready to prioritize customer education?