LMS Compliance

Regardless of industry, your organization has internal processes, procedures, and government regulations that you’re accountable for following. Some extend to your learning management system (LMS) compliance, meaning, the training solution you choose meets government accessibility and data security standards, among others.

Absorb LMS is at the forefront of LMS compliance, offering more safeguards and features than most learning platforms on the market. Explore what we've engineered to keep your organization fully compliant, so your learners are free to thrive — while you rest easy. 

Absorb LMS Compliance Standards

Choosing an LMS that supports important compliance standards helps your organization stay secure. That’s why we take extra steps to ensure safeguards are in place – and your organization is protected. 

FAQs About LMS Compliance

Why are high LMS compliance standards important?

 First and foremost, choosing an LMS that meets international compliance standards and accessibility guidelines brings peace of mind. Not only does Absorb LMS fulfill your legal obligations — it exceeds them, taking measures far beyond what's required to keep your data safe and training accessible.

Is it safe to sell training courses through Absorb?

Absolutely. In addition to the compliance standards highlighted, Absorb is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, an international security standard required to process payments from all major credit card companies. 

Which Absorb LMS features will keep me compliant?

Many of the features that make Absorb an effective learning solution can be used to keep your organization compliant. Examples include scheduled notifications, enrollments, certificate delivery, reporting, and periodical renewals that simplify administration, to name a few. 

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