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Integrated Solutions Built for the Future of Learning

At Absorb, we understand the importance of a scalable learning management platform that integrates with the other tools and technology in your ecosystem. That's why we offer robust integration capabilities to meet the needs of modern enterprises. Whether it's connecting to HCM software, CRM systems, or other key applications, we make integrations simple, secure, and effective. 

Easily Connect with Your Most Important Tools

Absorb comes with a variety of pre-built integrations to help you build strong bridges between Absorb and your favourite platforms. From HCM systems and CRM tools to content management solutions, these integrations simplify setup, allowing you to leverage the full power of Absorb with minimal effort. 


The Absorb LMS Connector enables your customers, partners, and employees to meet their full potential by delivering learning content directly within Salesforce.


Absorb LMS offers turnkey integrations for ADP Vantage HCM®, ADP Next Gen HCM® and ADP Workforce Now® that seamlessly connect human resources (HR) and training data.


The Workday Connector allows LMS admins to pull Worker Profiles, department and reporting structures from Workday into the Absorb LMS, and update Workday on learner progress through training programs.


The UKG Pro Connector allows LMS admins to pull employee profiles, department and reporting structures from UKG Pro into the Absorb LMS.


The Dayforce Connector allows LMS admins to pull user profiles, department and reporting structures from the Dayforce HCM into the Absorb LMS, and update Dayforce on learner progress through training programs.


Fuel consistent, collaborative training for all your learners—regardless of location, device or operating system—by integrating Zoom video conferencing with your LMS.


Drive consistent, collaborative training for all your learners—regardless of location, device, or operating system—by integrating WebEx video conferencing with your LMS.


Accelerate onboarding and set compliance training reminders to autopilot with the BambooHR integration for Absorb LMS.


Namely and Absorb LMS seamlessly integrate to give companies a reliable, centralized view of human resource (HR) and training data, eliminating manual data entry, record duplication--and costly administrative errors.


The ClearCompany talent management platform integration for Absorb LMS sets your business and employees up for success from day one.

HubSpot CRM

Enhance learner engagement and drive business growth with our HubSpot connector for Absorb, which optimizes training strategies and provides impactful insights by seamlessly integrating LMS and CRM functionalities.

SAP SuccessFactors

Strengthen your strategic workforce development with our SAP SuccessFactors connector for Absorb, enhancing integration, efficiency, and alignment between learning and broader HR and talent management processes for better business outcomes.

Integrate with Almost Anything

Additional integrations available include:

Drive Success by Connecting Your Learning

Connectivity To Leading Apps and Systems

Connectivity To Leading Apps and Systems

Foster collaboration across teams by integrating your LMS with communication systems like Zoom to HR platforms like ADP. Plus, by integrating with HR systems, you can reduce the time and complexity associated with managing learning processes across your organization.

Customizable Integrations

Customizable Integrations

Create custom integrations to easily transfer data between your LMS platform and other apps. With integrations implemented specifically for you, your LMS can be tailored to your business needs and requirements without sacrificing flexibility.

Integrated Content & Upskilling

Integrated Content & Upskilling

Get your learners learning and upskilled quickly by integrating off-the-shelf eLearning content into your learning program. Tap into thousands of quality courses directly from the Absorb Amplify Portfolio – saving you months of curriculum creation.

Reduce Risk with Single Sign-On Solutions

Reduce Risk with Single Sign-On Solutions

Remove any barriers to learning by making it easy for your learners to access the platform by integrating their LMS login with your existing single sign-on solutions. SSO reduces friction and enhances security, making the user experience smooth and secure. 

Extend Your Reach with Robust APIs

Extend Your Reach with Robust APIs

Have full control of your integrations with well-architected, service gateway-based RESTful APIs. Streamline your workflows and build scalable integrations more effectively and efficiently – in hours instead of days. RESTful APIs expand Absorbs’ capabilities across all learning use cases, devices, and learners – inside and outside your organization. With easy-to-use RESTful APIs, give your developers a reason to smile. 

Automate for Efficiency with Webhooks

Automate for Efficiency with Webhooks

Webhooks allow you to build real-time integrations that respond instantly to important events. Send automated notifications to specified endpoints when certain events occur, such as course completions, user registrations, or content updates. Webhooks enhance automation, allowing you to sync Absorb with your other systems quickly and efficiently.  

Infuse - Infographic

Absorb Infuse – Training in the flow of work  

Boost productivity effortlessly with Absorb Infuse, the headless LMS that integrates learning right into the tools your team already uses. Provide instant access to necessary courses within your daily workflows, ensuring that productivity remains high. Absorb Infuse enriches the learning experience by offering personalized content, robust security, and scalable solutions to meet your business's growing needs. 

What Real Customers Say

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It’s user intuitive and has allowed us to integrate easily with multiple other systems. We’ve been able to integrate Single Sign-On as well as integrating to Linkedin Learning and importing courses with ease.
Josh W., Senior Director of Talent Development
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Absorb LMS is well-regarded for its user-friendly interface, robust reporting and analytics features, and its ability to easily integrate with other systems.
Fidela B. Mid-Market User
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Absorb has made it so easy for us to track out learners and be able to easily find who is behind or needs what training. It was easy to integrate into our current business with very little learning curve for our managers.
Maxwell D. Operations Development Specialist
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Working with Absorb has been seamless from project management, training, and ADP integration!
Mackenzie H. Town Councilor
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Absorb is able to fully integrate with BambooHR allowing the HR team to have a unified method of structure and reporting in Absorb that matches our HRIS.
Melodie S. L7D Specialist

FAQs About Absorb LMS Integrations   

What are the most popular integrations?  

Our most popular integrations are with HCM systems. Our clients rely on connectors and integrations like Workday, Dayforce, ADP. UKG Pro, and SAP Sucess Factors which help to cut down on manual administration and improve the learner experience.  

 Do you offer migration support?  

Switching to a new LMS can be challenging but we’ve got you covered with comprehensive migration support and services to make the transition smoother. Our team of experts will assist in transferring your existing data, course content, and user information seamlessly to Absorb LMS, minimizing downtime and ensuring your training programs remain effective. We provide continuous support to address any issues that arise during and after migration, ensuring a stable, integrated experience. 

Can Absorb customers build custom integrations?  

Yes, Absorb has pre-built turnkey integrations, but you are welcome to build your own. You can integrate most systems with Absorb. For detailed information please visit our knowledge base.  

Can I build my own SSO integration beyond what the Absorb turnkey integrations offer?  

Yes. Absorb supports single sign-on technologies including SAML 2.0 and LDAPS (OpenID Connect/OAuth).  

Does Absorb integrate with APIs?  

Yes. RESTful API is a fantastic way to ensure your systems integrate and transfer the data you need to run your business with Absorb. You can integrate with multiple third-party systems like Salesforce and other CRM systems, HCM solutions, time management platforms, payroll systems, and more. 

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