Transform your organization with an LMS content library

Transform your organization with an LMS content library


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Crafting engaging, informative content isn't a task you can check off your list in an afternoon — it demands resources, creativity, and deep insight into your learners' needs. This can be as simple as providing a checklist for employees to check off as they go through training or as complex as creating quizzes for customers and partners based on their roles and interests. With the complexities of curating and maintaining valuable content, it's important to find a streamlined solution for your organization.

Tap into an LMS content library 

That’s where content libraries come into play. They’re rich repositories filled with ready-made courses, sometimes including an online course builder, which covers an array of areas — specifically designed to cater to different industry verticals and organizational roles. Imagine having access to a vast library filled with content for every potential topic related to online learning and training. Sounds like a dream.

With content libraries, this dream becomes a reality. They allow you to swiftly populate your LMS with high-quality courses to drive skill development, drastically reducing the time it takes to launch a new training program. Instead of spending weeks or even months developing a curriculum from scratch, you can hit the ground running in minutes. This approach not only accelerates the rollout of employee training but also demonstrates a return on investment from day one.

Now, you might be wondering, "What if my organization has unique training needs? Can I still make use of content libraries?" The answer is a resounding yes.

A modern LMS allows for a blend of both customized content specific to your organization and pre-made content from the library. This combination affords you the agility of readily available content, while still providing tailored learning experiences specific to your needs. So, if your current system doesn't offer this feature, it's certainly one to prioritize in your next upgrade.

Building a solid learning strategy with doesn't have to be complex. Check out our Essential Guide to Enabling LMS Content for a step-by-step approach.

Benefits of an LMS with content libraries 

The benefits of integrating a content library into your LMS are numerous and can truly transform your training program. Let's explore these advantages in more detail:

  1. Fast execution of training strategy: A your training strategy by eliminating the time-consuming tasks of content creation and curation of courses. It provides seamless access to pre-built and pre-validated content that can be launched in just a few clicks.
  2. Broad range of topics and formats: With a variety of subjects and presentation styles available, content libraries engage learners in their preferred learning format.
  3. Continuous refreshment of content: Regular updates to the content library help ensure training materials stay relevant and reduce the risk of non-compliance fines — particularly for organizations with shifting compliance mandates.
  4. Improved productivity: Replacing in-person, instructor-led courses with online learning equivalents leads to significant productivity gains, freeing up valuable time for in-house trainers. For example, in the healthcare industry, staff can shift from training colleagues to direct patient care.
  5. Quality and convenience: Content libraries provide trustworthy, high-quality training materials precisely when you need them — enhancing the convenience factor for both administrators and learners.
  6. Wide range of topics: Content libraries offer mobile-ready courses across various skill-development topics like marketing, human resources compliance, sales, and workplace safety — making your learning and development strategy more robust than ever.
  7. Blended learning environment: With an LMS like Absorb, you can integrate your eLearning content library with your existing training setup, creating a comprehensive blended learning environment.

Unsure if you should build, buy, or leverage a mix for your LMS content library? Explore winning strategies in our free webinar: Build, Buy, Or Both: The Ultimate LMS Content Library.

Discover the Absorb Amplify content portfolio

TheAbsorb Amplify content portfolio offers an all-in-one solution for expertly curated and ready-made course content. With Amplify, your organization can enjoy increased productivity, engagement, and success, here's an overview of three different Amplify content portfolio tiers and what they offer:

  • Amplify: This is a foundational course library designed for small to mid-size companies. It provides essential business training in a variety of engaging micro-learning formats. This library is ideal for companies that want to get their employees up and running quickly with impactful learning outcomes.
  • Amplify Plus: This is an expanded learning package that offers a wider range of courses than the Amplify library. It covers essential topics, compliance, safety, skills, and continuing education in a variety of formats, including bite-sized lessons, full-length courses, and instructor-led training. This library is a good option for companies that need to train their employees on a broader range of topics.
  • Amplify Max: This is the most expansive library, with over 20,000 courses from a variety of publishers. It covers a wide range of topics, from basic to advanced, including safety, business skills, technology, wellness, and DE&I. This library is a good option for companies that need to provide comprehensive training to their employees on a variety of topics.

AI in personalized learning with Absorb Skills

Absorb goes beyond just providing a course library. They take it a step further with Absorb Skills, an innovative tool that personalizes the learning experience for each employee. Powered by the Amplify Max library, an expansive library of vetted courses, Absorb Skills uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create customized learning paths for individual users by providing the right content at the right time.

Unlocking potential with personalized learning paths

Here's how Absorb Amplify and Absorb Skills work together to personalize the learning journey:

  • Identify needs: Absorb Skills can assess an employee's current skill level and knowledge gaps through pre-assessments or integrations with your existing performance management systems.
  • Curate a learning path: Based on individual needs and goals, Absorb Skills recommends a specific sequence of courses from the Amplify Max library. This personalized learning path ensures employees are focusing on the most relevant and beneficial training for their role and career aspirations.
  • Adaptive learning: As employees progress through their learning path, the AI can adapt the recommendations based on their performance. If someone struggles with a particular concept, Absorb Skills might suggest additional resources or alternative courses to reinforce their understanding.

Building a learning ecosystem with employee upskilling software

A vast content library is a great foundation, but true employee upskilling goes beyond just providing content. That’s why Absorb Skills maximizes the impact of your learning resources. In addition to personalizing the learning journey, here are the key features Absorb Skills offers to transform your content library into a strategic upskilling machine:

  • Role benchmarks: Absorb Skills uses industry-recognized benchmarks to define the skills needed for each role. This allows you to target content and track progress toward specific goals.
  • Learner reporting and analytics: Data is key to successful upskilling. Absorb Skills provides comprehensive learner reporting and analytics that can be tracked within the LMS for more effective coaching and resource management.
  • A ready-to-use course library: Absorb Skills offers a robust content library to jumpstart your upskilling efforts. Organizations can leverage the ready-made, quality training content from our Amplify Max library rather than building content from scratch or sourcing it externally.
  • An all-in-one solution: Streamline your upskilling efforts by managing content, creating AI-driven learning paths, delivering training content, and upskilling opportunities for learners – all within a single, user-friendly system.

Jumpstart training with Absorb LMS

If you're ready to jumpstart your organization's training and L&D strategy, Absorb LMS is the ideal solution. With Absorb, you have immediate access to thousands of pre-built courses covering a broad spectrum of topics and formats suitable for any industry. No technical expertise is required — everything system administrators need is conveniently located in the administrator interface.

With Absorb LMS, you can:
  • Deploy quickly: Absorb is designed for fast implementation, enabling you to get your team up and running with eLearning content rapidly.
  • Add lessons seamlessly: System administrators can easily integrate any lessons from the Absorb LMS platform and enroll users within minutes.
  • Measure effectiveness: Once your program is launched, you can begin evaluating its success using the robust analytics features within Absorb LMS.

Existing customers looking to explore these features can reach out to their Absorb client success manager or our support team. And if you're not yet a client but are interested in discovering the benefits of Absorb LMS, we encourage you to request a demo today.

Start your journey with Absorb LMS and unlock the full potential of your organization's L&D program.

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