A Work From Home Setup to Empower Your Employees

A Work From Home Setup to Empower Your Employees


Jasmine Henry


The global workforce is navigating new challenges. Many organizations have suddenly transitioned to a remote work model in response to the new coronavirus, some with little or no experience. A smooth rollout of your work from home setup is key to your employees maintaining positive mindsets and communication, even during uncertain times.

A remote work setup leveraging industry-leading learning management system features, integrations and content libraries can simplify the transition. This will allow you to keep your learners connected and engaged.


Tracking needs can evolve significantly and suddenly when teams are no longer sharing office space each day. Your managers should be empowered to respond remotely. Tracking learner activities is important to address new skill gaps, even if your leaders can't meet face-to-face with their teams.

An LMS with built-in tracking features, such as daily activity reports, saves your administrators and managers valuable time. Streamlined tracking features create an automated enrollment workflow to make sure users access new content on public health, safety and other need-to-know information. Then you can understand your learners on a deeper level and make more data-driven decisions with custom reporting.

Zoom integration

Videoconferencing application subscriptions have leaped by hundreds of thousands since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Reuters. A Zoom integration with your LMS connects homebound workers to learn, collaborate and build morale by meeting for tea or introducing one another's furry friends.

Zoom is user-friendly and compatible with a range of devices, locations and operating systems. Plus, the Zoom integration for Absorb LMS makes it easier to seamlessly connect teams while empowering them to learn.

HRIS integration

Creating a link between the LMS and human resources information systems (HRIS), like ADP Vantage HCM® and ADP Workforce Now® form a continuous thread of communication between learning and development, HR and compliance teams.

HRIS and LMS integrations paint a complete picture of employee training progress and proficiencies. Integrating ADP® with Absorb LMS syncs data to create a real-time view across platforms and locations.

Content libraries

The coronavirus has created an uncertain global climate. Newly remote workers are navigating new productivity challenges on top of their worries about public health risks. Arming employees with useful knowledge is the best way to manage these compounding stressors. Offering access to a COVID-19 safety course will teach them how to minimize risks to themselves and their families.

LMS integrations with external content libraries also speed up adoption of important courses on wellness and physical health. For example, expert wellness content from Whil and other libraries can help employees cope with anxiety and recognize signs of stress.

Mobile app

Mobile apps are very useful to a newly remote workforce, especially for employees dealing with shared devices or limited internet bandwidth. An LMS with a mobile app fuels eLearning anytime, anywhere.

The Absorb LMS app enables learners to train offline by downloading the content to their device. Then their progress will sync to the LMS once they re-establish a connection. An LMS with a mobile app drives training progress, even during uncertain times.

Data security

Keeping data safe is paramount, even when businesses move quickly to an online work model. Ensure your LMS vendor has proven safeguards to protect your data in the cloud and in transit, especially independent assessments like SOC 2 Compliance.

Work from home setup

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of quick communication and agile response. Leverage a robust LMS to create an effective work from home set up, even during unprecedented times.

Get access to Absorb LMS COVID-19 safety courses. You'll learn how to support your employees and partners everywhere and adapt to these abrupt changes.

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