How to Get Started with BambooHR and Absorb LMS

How to Get Started with BambooHR and Absorb LMS


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Good news for the many users of the popular Human Resources Information System (HRIS), BambooHR: It now integrates with Absorb LMS. Now, BambooHR users can take advantage of the many Absorb tools designed to make training and development an easier and more rewarding experience.

BambooHR Integrations: The Scoop

So, what's included? For starters, customized field syncing keeps you in control at all times, enabling you to choose and sync only the fields you want. Data from fields like email, name and job title can all be easily pushed from BambooHR to Absorb LMS. No need to worry about messy, incorrect data. BambooHR acts as the single source of truth for all your employee information. If you already have a department structure in Absorb LMS, no worries. System administrators have three options to maintain the structure of pre-existing departments or can choose to copy user data as found in your current setup of BambooHR. Course data can likewise be synced from Absorb and pushed to BambooHR. As users start to complete their training, the information is passed back to the HRIS and connected with the correct employee record.

Benefits of Integrating

By integrating your BambooHR instance with Absorb LMS, you can:

  • Deliver training to your employees when they need it by setting up workflows.
  • Streamline the onboarding process by automatically delivering courses to new hires.
  • Target specific professional development opportunities to learners based on title, department or role.
  • Manage annual compliance reminders and get reports sent to your inbox.

We're super proud to add BambooHR to the stable of powerful solutions that integrate with Absorb LMS.

Easy Setup

Getting up and running with your BambooHR/Absorb integration only takes a single request made to the Absorb Support team. No special technical knowledge is needed: it's free, and system admins can find everything they need to start syncing data right in the admin interface. Pull that lever to turn on the integration sync and it will continue to operate with no intervention required. Are you an existing client? Reach out to our Support team, and request the free integration today by submitting a support ticket. They'll get back to you within 24 hours and let you know that they've enabled the BambooHR integration. For more information, check out our support articles to get you going. Not yet a client, but want to see more? Request a demo today!

About BambooHR

BambooHR is an online Human Resources Information System that makes time for the work you were meant to do and guarantees your success when changing from spreadsheets to their intuitive online HR software.

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