Curated training content: Business eLearning insights

Curated training content: Business eLearning insights


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Over the years, organizations have greatly benefitted from the use of curated training content. Many skills in today's jobs are complex and can't be completely learned in stand-alone courses. These kinds of skills develop with time and experience, while learners build deep, nuanced understanding. 

Curated resources, one of many corporate learning methods, allows you to continuously support learning. Rather than relying solely on creating customized materials, learning strategists can cherry-pick the most relevant resources from a library. They can then invest in organizing those resources to support learning in a variety of robust and timely ways including pre-work, learning paths, follow-up, and on-demand approaches. 

 By leveraging existing resources effectively, organizations can tailor learning experiences to suit diverse learning styles and preferences. This streamlines the process and enhances the overall impact of training initiatives. Through strategic curation, businesses can empower their employees to navigate complex skill development with agility and depth, fostering continuous growth and adaptability within the workforce. 

How important is training content in the success of a learning program? 

Relevant training content is the backbone of any learning program, as it directly influences engagement and knowledge retention. Well-crafted training content ensures that learners grasp concepts effectively, test them out in real-world scenarios, and apply them to contribute to the success and growth of the organization.  

When to use curated content 

While creating high-quality, original content is essential for any eLearning program, there are strategic moments where curated content shines. This approach can be particularly effective for level-setting prework, building robust learning paths, catering to diverse learners, and providing on-demand resources. By incorporating curated content thoughtfully, you can create a more engaging and efficient learning experience for all participants. 

Level-setting prework in eLearning solutions 

While getting people to complete course prework is an ongoing challenge, digital resources make it easier than ever to level-set before a learning event. In curating for this purpose, the key is to select materials that are short and provocative with titles and descriptions that pique curiosity. At the same time, the resources should serve to promote interest in digging in further so that people come to learning events primed to engage. 

At the same time, the resources should serve to promote interest in digging in further so that people come to learning events primed to engage. In fact, according to ClearCompany, "84% of companies agree that a learning culture leads to a more resilient organization and a better workplace culture." Incorporating level-setting prework into learning programs is a strategic way to engage participants and enhance the overall learning experience.  

By selecting short, thought-provoking resources with enticing titles, organizations can effectively capture learners' attention and stimulate curiosity. This approach not only prepares individuals for the upcoming learning event but also cultivates a culture of continuous learning within the organization.   

How does training content enhance the learning path? 

Learning paths shift learning strategy from designing stand-alone courses to crafting a more robust learning experience that guides learners through an extended path of learning, activities, interaction, and application. Along that path, learners can be given progressively more nuanced and in-depth curated materials to reinforce and expand their skills. By analyzing the learning journey people might experience, instructional designers can inject relevant ideas at just the right time. To further promote application, it can be especially useful to curate resources for specific audience subsets. 

Offer content for every level of learner 

Curation of training content allows learning strategists to provide remedial materials for people who may need reinforcement and advanced materials for people who are ready for the next step. Providing curated resources for every course topic also signals the expectation for ongoing learning rather than simply checking off a completion box. 

On-demand learning resources 

Some learning strategies are dependent on self-directed learning, expecting the learners themselves to find resources that support their specific learning goals as needed. Even in that situation, curated resources have a role to play. Learning strategists can save employees a lot of time by curating the most useful links for key knowledge and skill sets so learners don't have to go searching for them. When a need arises, then, the resources to address that need are immediately available. 

Curate training content, don't aggregate 

It's important to remember curation is most valuable when it goes beyond simply compiling a list of links; a search engine can do that. Effective curation in business eLearning is selective and contextualized. You're recommending the most relevant and highest corporate eLearning content and adding annotation that helps learners know what they will find interesting in particular links. In this way, curation is much more than just a buzzword; it's an effective strategy for supporting the learning of deep knowledge and complex skills. 

When should an organization build its own content vs. buy? 

When deciding between building your own content or buying pre-existing training materials, your organization should consider several factors. Building custom content allows for specific tailoring to the company's unique needs, culture, and objectives. It ensures relevancy and alignment with organizational goals. But purchasing content can be cost-effective and save time, especially for more generic topics where customized content may not be necessary. It also provides access to expertise and resources that the organization may not have in-house. 

Unsure if you should build, buy, or leverage a mix for your LMS content library? Explore winning strategies in our free webinar: Build, Buy, Or Both: The Ultimate LMS Content Library.

The role of eLearning content providers in the curated content approach 

While the curated content approach emphasizes selecting and organizing existing resources, eLearning content providers play a crucial role in this strategy. Here's how: 

  • Expertise and efficiency: Reputable eLearning providers offer a vast library of pre-built courses and resources developed by subject matter experts. This allows organizations to access a wealth of knowledge and expertise without having to invest in creating content from scratch. 
  • Quality control and consistency: They ensure high-quality content meets industry standards and best practices. This consistency is vital for delivering reliable and effective training across your organization. 
  • Focus on specific needs: They offer content targeted to specific industries, roles, or skills. This targeted approach allows you to find resources that directly align with your unique training needs, saving time and effort in the curation process. 
  • Customization options: They offer the ability to customize their pre-built courses with your branding, messaging, or even adding specific modules. This allows you to leverage existing content while incorporating your organization's unique identity. 

eLearning content providers are valuable partners in the curated content approach. They offer a wealth of resources, expertise, and efficiency, allowing you to build a robust and relevant training library tailored to your specific needs. 

Use AI to personalize elements of your curated content libraries

"AI can dramatically reduce the time and complexity involved in content creation." 

- John Bersin, Industry Analyst and Thought Leader 

The core elements of some training programs will be the same, so it doesn’t make sense to create everything from scratch each time. But personalization goes a long way in learning. In fact, 72% of marketers say they see content marketing ROI in increased customer engagement and number of leads. So why not use AI to elevate your off the shelf eLearning content

Example: Most companies will have standard annual compliance or DE&I training they'll have to provide to employees. Why not add a microlearning course at the start, or different refresher assessments at the end, that are specific to your business or departments? This can help the messaging resonate more with learners and make the training more relevant. 

Absorb Create: AI tools for content creation 

Take your curated content to the next level with Absorb Create, a powerful online course builder designed to empower you to personalize the learning experience. With Absorb Create, you can easily: 

  • Craft microlearning modules to target specific knowledge gaps or introduce new concepts. 
  • Develop custom assessments to gauge learner understanding and personalize learning paths. 
  • Incorporate branching scenarios to tailor the learning experience based on individual responses.

Discover the full potential of AI-powered personalization in your eLearning programs.

Curation: The key to effective and engaging eLearning Effective training hinges on the quality and relevance of your learning content. By strategically curating high-quality training content, organizations can create robust and adaptable learning experiences that cater to diverse needs and learning styles. This approach empowers employees to develop the skills they need to succeed in today's dynamic workplace, fostering a culture of continuous growth and knowledge sharing. Absorb LMS: Your curated content powerhouse Absorb LMS goes beyond just providing a basic content library. Our platform empowers your organization to unlock the full potential of curated content with a powerful suite of features, including: 

Ready to take your eLearning to the next level? Book a demo today and discover how Absorb LMS can transform your content into a powerful learning strategy.  

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