How a Corporate LMS Streamlines Job-Specific Skill Training

How a Corporate LMS Streamlines Job-Specific Skill Training


Here's an all-too-familiar experience for many managers: A new employee is all set to get started, but the training program or person best suited to train isn't immediately available. It's critical that people learn job tasks accurately rather than start off just muddling through. And there's a long list of to-dos that need to be communicated. An effective learning management system can remedy that situation quite nicely.

The need for speed

Getting people up to speed on job-specific tasks can be easily organized with a readily accessible corporate LMS that includes custom eLearning, curated resources, scheduled training and personalized coaching. A designated learning path can even recommend externally designed training and resources as needed, which can be an efficient way to add depth to a training experience.

A robust learning path can detail the full array of training modules that will bring new people up to speed, giving all new employees a consistent experience and a complete training regimen. The new hire learning path can include detailed job-specific tasks as well as training on less-frequently-needed corporate policies and procedures that may be encountered in fulfilling job responsibilities.

Given an easily accessed learning path, employees can self-direct their own onboarding, moving on to additional elements as soon as prerequisites are met and time is available, or as soon as a task comes up with which they're unfamiliar. This approach will surely be welcomed by modern learners who have become accustomed to diving in to learn as needs arise. No one wants to sit and twiddle their thumbs because they don't have the training they need to get started.

Managers take the wheel

Just as important, the new employee's manager would always be able to see which training elements are completed, and therefore which job tasks the new employee is ready to tackle. The manager can provide guidance to employees regarding timing of completion, and can add elements to the employee's training recommendations as needed. All this can be streamlined within the corporate LMS.

It's a benefit of the digital age that LMS solutions allow such aggregation of training and learning resources in an electronic format that's easily accessible any place, any time. With a carefully considered and designed learning path, managers can feel confident that they haven't inadvertently left an important skill or task untrained. And new employees can feel confident they're off to a good start in an organization that cares about making sure they're prepared to do the job.

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