Learning Management Builds Strong Channel Partner Relationships

Learning Management Builds Strong Channel Partner Relationships


Pamela S. Hogle


Your channel partners' success fuels your organization's prosperity and cements lasting relationships. Make it easy for channel partners to quickly find accurate, succinct information on your products and services by following learning management best practices.

Deliver accurate, timely information

Ensuring the success of your channel partners begins with putting the information they need at their fingertips. For your learning initiatives to have maximum impact, timely information must be available to channel partners in a snap. A learning management system (LMS) should empower you to quickly deliver those content updates and keep channel partners in the know.

For example, you can create, edit and publish FAQs within the LMS in minutes—giving channel partners timely answers. If a course needs refreshing, the LMS administrator can apply a universal update, so partners have the most relevant information from anywhere in the world. These capabilities make creating and maintaining top-quality learning content for channel partners seamless.

Custom dashboards for each channel partner

Each channel partner might sell different products, target different markets or speak different languages. An LMS with custom dashboards and portals enables you to seamlessly deliver the right information to each partner.

Knowing that they'll find accurate and relevant information in their portal builds partners' confidence, too. Rather than look elsewhere for the answers to their questions, they will turn first to your LMS and their own customized source of training and content.

Speak your partners' language

Accurate, timely information won't help if your channel partners can't understand it!

Show global channel partners how much you value your relationships with them by providing training and information in their preferred language. A global learning management initiative includes multilingual and multimodal learning.

Leverage a robust search

Many learners default to a Google search when they have a question. Send your channel partners to your LMS instead by making it easier and faster to find the information they need right there.

Slow or poorly designed search functions are frustrating and send learners to the web, where they're likely to unearth inaccurate or outdated information. Ensure an outstanding learner experience with strong search capabilities, allowing learners to type in conversational questions or phrases—and instantly get relevant results from the LMS.

Offer partner training

Teach your partners how to use your products and services with partner training in your LMS. Envelop new partners in your company's culture and values and give the partnership a strong start with onboarding training. This not only solidifies the partnership, it encourages partners to rely on the LMS for product information, updates and more—a habit they can maintain throughout your relationship.

Build successful partnerships

Your channel partners may differ widely from one another but your goal is the same with each one: A lasting, mutually successful partnership that promotes your business, products and services.

Make that a reality with a learning management strategy that ensures each channel partner has immediate access to exactly the information they need. Deliver timely, accurate content, tailored to each partner and accessible on demand.

Connect with an Absorb LMS representative today to see how an LMS can strengthen your bonds with your channel partners.

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