Learning Opportunities Keep Talent in Tech

Learning Opportunities Keep Talent in Tech


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The tech sector is constantly evolving—for customers and employees. When tech companies aren't announcing the next disruptor, their headlines boast of sleek office spaces with vibrant cultures.

In the past, favored perks landed in the food and lifestyle department. Items like hammock rooms, grilled-cheese stations and in-house massage therapists gained nods of approval. Today, workers crave professional development; training that helps hardworking IT professionals nurture their careers.

In tech, IT pros are working tirelessly to bring the next app, software or device iteration to the hungry B2B and B2C masses. In fact, one article shows that tech employees of all age groups seek new job opportunities due to burnout.

eLearning for all

Tech has become so much about exceeding customer expectations, that it is redefining the quest for talent. This demanding industry requires the nimble professional development of every single IT worker before and after each project, and leveraging eLearning is a natural fit for this this tech-savvy audience.

Tech companies further interface with a broad ecosystem of partners, suppliers and customers, who also need training to optimize company performance. Each new innovation requires education for those creating, selling or buying it to elevate product comprehension. Delivering learning using an intuitive learning management system (LMS) is a perfect way to reach all the training audiences that tech companies need to thrive.

Tech employees want eLearning

Fortunately, there is a desire to learn among tech pros. Meeting them halfway with mentoring, feedback and meaningful advancement opportunities keeps tech talent coming into the office every day.

Creating learning and coaching opportunities keeps employees satisfied. They can be relaxed, informal meetings, or they can also be activities that the employee completes in the form of online courses on their own.

Many top organizations make learning a benefit, allowing employees to create measurable success that can be used toward a development goal or other incentives to advance. Top tech learning management systems, like Absorb LMS, come equipped with these features and incentivize employees to stay engaged.

What LMS features to look for

Given the audiences being trained, tech firms should gravitate towards a set of features that drive engagement, enhance the learning experience and fit training naturally into the average workday.

  • Engagement: An intuitive user experience sets learners up fast for training and keeps them engaged between projects, while social learning bolsters collaborative opportunities that foster peer-to-peer relationships, especially across today's distributed and blended learning audiences of internal learners, external learners and gig workers. Tapping an LMS enables organizations to keep all learners on the same page.
  • Microlearning: Chunking content into digestible sessions makes it easier to fit learning in when trainees have time. This is especially true when learning is infused natively into business applications, something called learning in the flow of work.
  • Custom learning paths: Because no two learners grasp concepts the same, ideal LMS features include creating custom learning paths, so managers can tailor training to the unique needs of each learner. Ensuring the training experience meets everyone's needs also includes accessibility/disability access that is inclusive for all learners and administrators.
  • Mobile learning: Mobile learning is essential for on-the-go or non-traditional learners, especially via a dedicated mobile app that empowers offline learning.
  • Global reach: Global growth requires regionalized capabilities, from servers to payment gateways and currencies in eCommerce, so seek an LMS like Absorb built for global scale.

Tech organizations are at the forefront of change. This makes keeping learner skills fresh and on-point a business imperative. Luckily, you need not go it alone. Tapping the right learning technology can deliver for your learning program—and your bottom line.

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