Learning Technologies Conference 2022 Event Recap

Learning Technologies Conference 2022 Event Recap


Absorb LMS


Each year, L&D professionals flock to the Learning Technologies conference to learn about tools and tech transforming the learning landscape. With topics ranging from AI to analytics, content development, and program implementation, the future of our industry sharpens into focus at this event.

This year, over 9,000 registrants attended; and 200+ exhibitors, including Absorb Software, showcased the latest in learning technology. Our colleagues enjoyed meeting new people, engaging with current clients, and sharing experiences and best practices. Absorb Software presented three thought-provoking sessions on the exhibition floor during the conference, focusing on how technology accelerates learning initiatives.

Session One: Uncover Data Goldmines With Absorb Analyze

Hosted by Stephen Miller, Sales Director, EMEA at Absorb Software

employees agree that performance is managed to motivate them do outstanding work

of L&D managers say that reporting & analytics is one of the most important features of an LMS.

82% of L&D managers say that reporting & analytics is one of the most important features of an LMS, and with good reason. Quality data can reveal patterns in onboarding, OTJ training, compliance, and professional development.

However, without specific business intelligence (BI) capabilities, L&D leaders will miss out on critical insights that could impact their entire organization. The global business intelligence market reveals how crucial best-in-class reporting is: In 2020, the global BI market revenue was $22.16 Billion. By 2028, that number is expected to grow to $42.95 Billion.

A self-service business intelligence tool like Absorb Analyze provides up-to-the-minute data that drives business productivity, compliance, and improved employee experiences. Absorb Analyze seamlessly connects in-depth reporting with a high-performing LMS as part of the Absorb Software product suite. Here’s a look at the technology that sets Absorb Analyze apart as a leading BI solution:

  • Forecasting: The forecasting feature empowers users to predict future scenarios using real-time metrics. Users can generate projections of upcoming months, quarters, and years based on existing data.
  • Trend Analysis: This feature enables critical observations that L&D managers may otherwise miss. Users can observe and analyze patterns and anomalies to closely monitor learner progress. Plus, they can automate detailed analyses of data trends with user-friendly visual tools.
  • Pulse Alerts: Absorb Analyze triggers automated notifications when learners hit critical targets, so L&D leaders know precisely how to improve training programs.
  • Data Narratives: Automatic textual summaries deliver plain-language interpretations that explain data clearly to various stakeholders.

Key Takeaway: Self-service business intelligence tools like Absorb Analyze empower L&D leaders to make smarter decisions, drive positive business outcomes, and execute critical training initiatives.

Session Two: Harnessing Technology to Change a Learning Culture

Hosted by Stephen Miller, Sales Director, EMEA at Absorb Software, and Fiona Leteney, Senior Analyst at Fosway Group.

more businesses have changed their approach to learning to support a hybrid workforce

of businesses say that their approach to learning has changed significantly to support a hybrid workforce.

Fosway Group is Europe’s number one HR industry analyst, conducting in-depth research on Next-Gen HR, Talent, and Learning. Fosway Group and Absorb joined forces to share current learning trends and explain how advanced technology helps companies modernize and improve their learning culture.

Since the pandemic, many companies have accelerated their digital transformations. Consequently, many businesses have now transitioned to operate on a fully or partially remote (hybrid) basis. And the ripple effect continues within corporate learning culture –– 54% of businesses say that their approach to learning has changed significantly to support a hybrid workforce.

But a culture change in a digital-first world can’t happen without technology. To promote an effective learning culture in the new landscape, you must leverage an advanced learning management system. Absorb LMS can support a transformed culture through next-gen tech features:

  • Intelligent Ranking: This feature enhances search results by ordering them based on historical learner choices. It continually adjusts using data collected from learners' behaviors. Intelligent ranking allows insight into learner experiences through curated data in the Search Analytics Report.
  • Intelligent Assist: Admins can ask a simple or complex request using natural language. They will be taken directly to the pre-configured report page or action screen with one click.
  • Absorb Create LI: According to Fosway’s research, there has been a recent spike in content libraries and context-driven course authoring. Absorb Create LI meets this need with its online course builder & authoring tool, integrated with Absorb LMS.
  • Absorb LMS Ecosystem: Creating a seamless, integrated ecosystem is essential in a digital-first world. Absorb LMS offers plenty of turnkey integrations from top content libraries and web apps, like ADP, Salesforce, BambooHR, SkillSoft, etc.
  • Absorb Infuse: Today’s learners tend to want to learn within the flow of work. Absorb Infuse empowers businesses to transform how corporate L&D happens by making learning conveniently available directly in native applications.

Key Takeaway: : Learning has changed in the wake of the pandemic. An advanced AI-powered LMS with flexible options and a robust ecosystem enables organizations to fully evolve their learning culture.

Session Three: How Absorb Impacts a Company’s Culture

Hosted by Stephen Miller, Sales Director, EMEA at Absorb Software, and Simone Friere, Director of Risk Reporting and Governance at Sanne Group.

In this session, Sanne Group, a leading global provider of alternative asset and corporate services, shares how Absorb helped them reach their business goals and positively impact their culture.

A few years ago, Sanne Group faced two significant challenges:

  1. Modernizing their existing global risk training program.
  2. Improving their centralized reporting system to monitor training and pull data.

To accomplish these goals, they needed a solution that would deploy policies, house local procedures and handbooks, support risk induction, and pace progress. Fortunately, Absorb LMS was able to help them solve these pressing challenges by creating new efficiencies. Specifically, Absorb improved the deployment and reach of learning content and created more targeted training.

Sanne Group believes that to create a culture of learning, both management and employees must make reciprocal commitments. Leadership must provide the right tools and resources that help employees learn, do their jobs, and make risk-aware decisions. Employees must commit to accessing this learning, ask for more training, and escalate issues when things go wrong.

Absorb LMS helped Sanne Group facilitate these commitments to learning culture. Here’s the Sanne Group story:

  • Scaling Learning & Development: Sanne Group quickly scaled Absorb LMS once they saw its value to their organization. “We launched the LMS with one e-learn module back in 2019. Today, we have over 100 pieces of training. Additionally, we’ve since opened up dedicated spaces in the tool for our HR, L&D, Compliance, and Client Services.”
  • The Importance of Data: Absorb LMS reporting helped Sanne Group manage their risk training with detailed insights into completion, mandatory training progress, and other training data.
  • Risk Training: They adopted Absorb LMS for course customizations, the Absorb support team’s guidance, and reporting that identified gaps to strengthen risk training.

Key Takeaway: Absorb LMS powers transformative changes in learning culture and can help solve pressing business challenges.

That’s a Wrap

That concludes our recap of the 2022 Learning Technologies Event. We hope to see you at next year’s event. Until then, keep empowering learners, seek out new technology, and drive positive change through your L&D initiatives.

Absorb booth at Learning Technologies, London, UK, 2022

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